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Gardening with family makes great summer

NATCHEZ — Even in the sweltering summer heat, you’ll still find Millie Fallings tending to her garden.

A retired teacher who moved to Natchez from Kentucky in 2000 to be closer to her daughter and granddaughter, she spends her afternoons weeding and pruning beautiful tulips and roses.

This summer is extra special now that Millie watches her granddaughter Samantha, 3, during the day.

“It’s nice to spend time out in the garden with Samantha,” she said. “She loves looking at the tulips and chasing the butterflies.”

Though she makes it look easy, Millie says keeping up the garden in the Mississippi heat is quite hard. The rewards for her hard work can be seen when her flowers bloom.

“Proper watering is the key,” Millie said. “Also finding a good way to keep bugs off the flowers is challenging at times. I can’t use regular pesticides because Samantha is in the garden with me now.”

Although Millie does most of the hard work, little Samantha enjoys pulling weeds and helping pat down seeds.