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Local storm chasers hunt for perfect bolts

NATCHEZ — Sunday’s thunderstorm might have ruined some area residents afternoon plans, but for Natchez locals Brian Asher and Aaron Lewis it was the beginning of another fun night.

“Me and Brian have been chasing storms since we could drive,” Lewis said.

So when the skies got gray and the lightening began, Asher and Lewis headed west toward Ferriday Sunday. Their goal was to capture nature’s wrath on film.

“I really hope to get some good ground strike shots and cloud formations,” Asher said.

“The last couple of storms we’ve had in the area haven’t had a whole lot of lightning.”

For the duo the thrill of storm chasing is enticing. It’s something they can’t pass up.

“Some people say we’re crazy to chase after storms like this, but really how often do you get to experience Mother Nature’s beauty,” Lewis said.

Asher and Lewis are certified storm spotters and participated in a local storm spotting class at Copiah-Lincoln Community College recently.