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MDOT announces possible road closures due to flooding

JACKSON — The Mississippi Department of Transportation would like to inform motorists of the following roadway information regarding the Mississippi River high flood waters.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is working in conjunction with the Corps of Engineers to provide accurate information regarding the high flood water at the Mississippi River. MDOT is continuously working to update survey data along with the Corps of Engineers who are updating their inundation maps to identify the affected roadways.

“There is no exact science to this, so it’s imperative that State and Federal agencies work closely to lead us through this crisis,” said Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall. “I am pleased to report that this type of cooperation is occurring minute-to-minute.”

Below is a list of present road closures, probable and possible future closures, for MDOT maintained routes due to the Mississippi River flooding. This list will be updated continually and is subject to change if predicted water levels change. MDOT intends to keep all roads open until they become affected by high flood waters.


SR 465 – Warren & Issaquena County between US 61 & Eagle Lake – CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


US 61 -Warren & Claiborne Counties- South of Vicksburg, North of Port Gibson, at the Big Black River crossing

US 61 -Warren County – North of Vicksburg at the US 61/SR 3 intersection near Redwood

US 61 -Warren County – North of Vicksburg at the US 61/SR 465 intersection north of Yazoo River Bridge near Redwood

SR 3 -Warren County – approximately 2.3 miles north of the US 61/SR 3 intersection.

SR 16 / SR 149 (Old Hwy 49W) – Yazoo County – Whittington Auxiliary Channel near Wolf Lake to Yazoo River

US 49W – Humphreys & Yazoo Counties – Wittington Auxiliary Channel South of Silver City to Yazoo River

US 49E – Yazoo County – North of Eden.

SR 1 – Sharkey/Issaquena County – West of US 61 at the SR 1/SR 465 intersection.

SR 16/County Road 16 – Sharkey County – in the vicinity of Delta National Forest.

SR 24 in Wilkinson County from Lake Mary Road to Fort Adams.


SR 3 – Yazoo County – at Yazoo City.

US 49E – Yazoo County – near Mississippi Chemical.