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What next for ACCS with Hayles gone?

It’s never convenient when a head coach walks away from the team, but some times are better than others.

Just ask Adams County Christian School. Head football coach Paul Hayles resigned June 24 to take the position of headmaster at Amite School Center.

Hayles’ biggest responsibility is to his family, and if a move makes sense for them, he’s right to make that move.

Everyone I’ve spoken with at ACCS has told me that Hayles leaves the school on good terms. ACCS Headmaster Buddy Wade told me Friday that Hayles always had aspirations to become a headmaster, and when the position opened up at ASC, Hayles simply couldn’t turn it down.

No one I’ve spoken to was the least bit bitter toward Hayles, and all understood that ASC offered him an opportunity he always wanted to have.

But the move comes at an inopportune time for the Rebels’ football team, which is set to kick off its season in less than two months against Cathedral High School. ACCS now faces the choice of selecting someone already on staff as an interim coach or hiring someone permanently, either a current assistant or someone not currently on staff.

At this point, the clock is ticking to find an outside hire, since many coaches like to make moves early in the summer and be situated by now.

But hiring new blood has its advantages. The coach would step straight into football season, meaning he would learn his players and their talents quickly. It would also allow him to implement his system a lot earlier than if he came in during the winter or spring.

But there are also potential setbacks. It usually takes a coach at least one season for him to adjust to his new players, and vice versa. Anyone expecting short-term success will likely come away disappointed.

Furthermore, with the season less than two months away, any decision to hire from outside would almost seem rushed. If you wait until the season is over in November, that gives you several months to do a more thorough coaching search.

Luckily, ACCS has several great assistant coaches that are already on staff, Hunter McKeivier, Rick Fife and Christopher McGraw.

They’re already familiar with the players and the system Hayles implemented, and likely wouldn’t try to change anything last minute.

Hayles’ presence at ACCS will certainly be missed.

He took over the Rebels’ program at the lowest of points and made it respectable again by instilling a strong work ethic in his players.

Hayles was always very helpful to us at The Democrat, and we wish him the best of luck.