Election tally suffers another delay

Published 12:01am Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NATCHEZ — An unforeseen family problem halted the final absentee vote count Tuesday, Election Commission Chairman Larry Gardner said.

The count should be available sometime today, he said.

The Democratic Executive Committee that is putting together the final numbers has already double checked districts 1-3, Gardner said, but the member who was heading up the count had an emergency that forced her to leave before the job was completed Tuesday afternoon.

Some of the numbers have been entered into the computer, Gardner said, but some of the numbers have not, and they must be verified before the certification sheets can be signed and sent off.

“I was hoping we could get it done today, but we didn’t know they were going to have (this) issue,” he said.

The count will finalize the outcomes of the circuit clerk race between Edward C. “Eddie” Walker and candidate Jennifer “Lady J” Minor, as well as that between District 94 Rep. Robert L. Johnson III and Natchez Alderman James “Rickey” Gray.

  • Anonymous

    so what happened?

  • Ham Bone

    This is pathetic

  • Anonymous

    Hate to say it, but this  looks like another example of our disfunctional government.  How in the world can a county as samll as ours not have an official vote talley one week after an election.  Who is the Election Committee accountable to ??

  • Ham Bone

    I believe some of them are elected

  • Anonymous

    Democrats, they must be using Obama deficit math to calculate the votes – a moving target.

  • Anonymous

    This is beyond pathetic! Day 8 is now over. Hard to believe one person could hold the results hostage.
    What’s everyone else doing?
    Who is on this commision and how are they chosen?