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Trash pickup has competition

Natchez — A new trash collection company that is operating in Natchez has plans to vie for the contract with the city for residential trash collection.

Waste Pro USA Senior Vice President Wally Carter said having another company in town could help drive the price of residential pickup down.

The city’s collection contract with the current pickup company — Waste Management — expires next year.

“I guarantee that when the residential contract comes up, the prices are going down,” Carter said.

Ken Haldin, Waste Management’s director of communications, said he did not want to speculate on what could happen when the residential contract comes up.

Haldin said he could not provide any average rates or where Natchez ranks among other cities in Mississippi as far as collection fees. He said fees are contract and market-based and are proprietary information of the company.

“Local services are driven by demand and markets,” he said. “It’s really not possible with all the variations in local markets and prices.”

For now, Waste Pro has two trucks running that provide commercial, industrial and construction waste collection and disposal for businesses in Natchez, as well as the rest of Adams County, Jefferson County, Clairborne County and Concordia Parish.

Waste Pro is using Riverbend Landfill in Jefferson County. The company’s satellite office is also in Jefferson County.

The office’s manager, Andrew Densing, said the company will relocate the office to Natchez when business gets bigger.

Densing said Waste Pro has hired three drivers, one of which is from Adams County. He said the company plans to hire more people from Natchez as it gets more contracts.

Carter said competition in the Natchez market would be good for the customer.

Haldin said Waste Management has seen various competitors since it began serving Natchez in 1982.

“We’ve been serving the community and giving back several decades,” he said. “We have seen companies come in at different points in time. Our view is by providing long-term service, our commitment remains and our customers recognize it.”

Waste Pro USA is privately owned, and, Carter said, strives to give back to the community.

“We don’t just come in and take the money and ship it out,” he said.

Carter said Waste Pro USA can only offer commercial services right now because of the city and county contracts with Waste Management.

Mayor Jake Middleton said he is glad to see more competition come into the city for commercial trash management.

“It’s just another option out there for business owners,” he said.