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Courthouse records: Dec. 9-15, 2011

Adams County

Dec. 9-15

Civil suits filed

Estate of Annie V. Stevens Calcote.

In Re: Heidi L. Zimmerman.

DHS — Brandon D. Holden.

Divorces filed:


Marriage license applications:

Ricky Lee Marshall, 53, Natchez to Nickio Rochelle Smoot, 43, Natchez.

Quincy Tremaine Futrell, 28, Centreville to Rosetta Victoria Knight, 27, Natchez.

Thomas Anderson Dickens, 20, Vidalia, La. to Jessica Elizabeth Patterson, 17, Vidalia, La.

Deed transactions:

Dennis Davis and Sonia Davis to Barbara W. Crenshaw, lot 18 Lower Woodville Estates, First Development.

Savannah Vaughan Webb, now Savannah Vaughan, to Phillip Lance Webb, lot 5 consisting of 3.14 cares, Tract N Subdivision of Roseland-Forest Plantation.

Carolyn D. Conner to Demestra Lionell Winding Sr. and Yolanda Winding, land beginning at a 5/8” x 30” iron pin set on the westerly side of Lower Woodville Road.

Robert E. Conger and Linda J. Gummow to Kenneth O. Carter and Myrtis M. Carter, lot 26 Highlands Park Subdivision, First Development.

Edward Lee Murray and Rachel Sonja Murray to Curtis Green, lot 22 of Block No. A Roselawn Homes Subdivision.

Barthel D. Waggoner and Jacqueline M. Waggoner to Barthel Sean Waggoner and Kimberly G. Waggoner, lot 82 Brooklyn Subdivision.

Sandy B. Wright to Richard Easterling and Lisa Easterling, lot 149 Sandy Creel Estates.


Phillip Lance Webb to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot 18 Lower Woodville Estates, First Development.

George D. Oglesby and Tasha M. Oglesby to United Mississippi Bank, land starting the most southwesterly corner of lot 7 of the division of a portion of Bryandale Plantation.

Eric Terrebonne and Sheri Terrebonne to United Mississippi Bank, lot 50 Beau Pré Country Club Subdivision, First Development; lot 141 Nottaway Trail Development, a portion of Beau Pré Country Club Subdivision.

Tabitha M. Wroten to Wells Fargo Bank, lot 2 Highland Park Subdivision.

Harold M. Hicks and Brenda D. Hicks to Britton & Koontz Bank, lots 2 and 3 of the subdivision of a portion of Home Place, being a portion of Forest Plantation.

Catherine E. Thomas and Bessie Lee S. Thomas to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot 9 Schleet Addition, Revised.

Kenneth O. Carter and Myrtis M. Carter to Britton & Koontz Bank, lot 26 Highlands Park Subdivision, First Development.

Dave York Jr. and Rose R. York to United Mississippi Bank, lot 25 LaGrange Heights Subdivision.

Richard Easterling and Lisa Easterling to Sandy B. Wright, lot 149 Sandy Creel Estates.

Elmo D. LeBlanc and Cheryl A. LeBlanc to Wells Fargo Bank, lot 34 Traceway Estates, Third Development.

Shawn Beard and Heidi Beard to United Mississippi Bank, all that part and portion of lot 4 Cedar Grove Plantation.

Concordia Parish

Dec. 9 – Dec. 16

Civil suits filed

Citibank N A v. Josh Anderson — open account.

Charles C. Feltus v. Insurance Company Louisiana Farm Bureau

— petition.

Feltus Enterprises L.P v. Insurance Company Louisiana Farm Bureau — petition.

Green Tree Servicing LLC v. Lee E. Henry — executive process. 

Gulfco of Louisiana, INC. D.B.A Tower Lo v. Marilyn I Smith — petition.

Charlottee Ann Holmes Hundall — succession.

Selina Humphries v. Daryl D. Wheeler — damages.

Harvey Moreland v. Charles Moreland.

Ruth G. Moreland v. Charles Moreland.

Thomas Moreland v. Charles Moreland.

Robert Scott — succession. 

State of Louisiana Department of Social Services v. Stiles Hilliard — non-support.

Trustmark National Bank v. Tyler D. Spence — prom note.

Josh Anderson v. Citibank N A — open account.

Geico General Insurance Company v. Selina Humphries — damages.

Lee E. Henry v. Green Tree Servicing — executive process.

Divorces filed:

Joshua Martin Calkins v. Brent Dennis Bemont. 

Richard Crews v. Judy Humphries Crews.

Casey Valentine Harveston v. Jonathan Curtis Harveston.

Mary A. Jolla v. George Jolla Jr.

Karen Knight Reinninger v. Harry R. Reinniger Sr.

Charles Lee Stephens v. Regina Boyd Stephens.

Belinda Michelle Calkins v. Joshua Martin Calkins.

Judy Humphries Crews v. Richard Crews.

Susan Lynn Weathersby Nay v. Donald Richard Nay, filed Nov. 30.

Marriage license applications:

William Casey Martin, 6683, of Ridgecrest to Anna Laura Taylor, 9780, of Natchez. 

Nicholas Shane Jones, 100381, to Danna Marie Bowers, 42180, both of Vidalia.

Timothy Darnell Woods, 5578, to Juanita Shante Rainey, 12182, both of Natchez.

Deed transactions:

Robert and Michele Shamburger to John and Becky Savoy for a portion of Vaucluse Plantation, the east 25 feet of Lot C and the west 50 feet of Lot 6.

Vernon and Mary Smith to Bobby and Lucille Hires for lots 25, 26, 32, 33 of the A. E. Branch subdivision on the East Half of section 27 township 6 North, Range 7 East. 

Hometown Development LLC. Represented by Heather S. Poole to Ethel Marie Banks for Lot 9 of Belle Grove subdivision.


Gregory Thomas Naquin to Concordia Bank and Trust Company for Lot 46 of the Taconey Subdivision. 

Continental Petroleum LLC. To Concordia Bank and Trust Company for lots 3 and 4 of block 84 of Vidalia and lots 5 and 6 in block 84 of Vidalia.