ERIC SHELTON/THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — A car passes by the fly over construction at the intersection of D’Evereux and Seargent S. Prentiss drives Thursday afternoon in Natchez. Engineer and project manager Steve Smith said that the construction is expected to be completed in late August or September of next year.

Fly over work a bit behind schedule

Published 12:04am Saturday, December 24, 2011

NATCHEZ — Construction on the fly over at the intersection on D’Evereux and Seargent S. Prentiss drives has gotten a little behind schedule.

Mississippi Department of Transportation resident engineer and project manager Steve Smith said construction should still be finished in late August or September next year.

“We’re not getting further and further (behind),” he said. “We’re staying steady.”

Smith said construction crews are currently setting forms for the top bridge deck, and the bottom deck forms are finished.

Approximately 85 percent of the curb, gutter and drainage work on the frontage road is complete, Smith said. He said the asphalt will be put on the road and striped with paint sometime in the spring.

The main focus of winter construction, Smith said, will be getting the bridge built and building the retaining wall on the north end of the project.

The pile-driving work for the south retaining wall is finished, Smith said, and people should get some relief from the construction noise.

“Hopefully, they won’t hear that jackhammer for about another month or so,” he said.

The bridge deck is constructed in units, with each end of the bridge’s concrete deck poured separately than the middle unit.

Smith said the concrete has been poured for one of the ends of the bridge, and the crews should start pouring the other end in mid-January.

The rate of progress on the project during January and February, Smith said, will depend on weather conditions.

Construction will pick up quickly in the spring, Smith said.

“Once the weather warms up, you’re really going to see a lot of activity out there,” he said.

Smith said once the bridge is built, traffic can be phased and switched so work can be done on the north retaining wall.

A portion of the frontage road will be opened up in the spring to switch traffic, and traffic lights will be installed on the frontage road near Ryan’s and Lynda Lee Drive.




  • Anonymous

    Wish you would publish a diagram so we can figure out just how this will releave the problem at the intersection.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Me thinks’ this is going to be as confusing as the corner down by the hospital. All this waste of money could have fed many hungry folks this holiday season..

  • Anonymous

    The two most interesting streets in Natchez are Pearl and St. Catherine.  Drive Pearl from one end to the other and you’ll understand it. St. Catherine is different, not so obvious, but still interesting and definitely historical. More than any other street, it’s history is built around black folks and immigrants. The purpose of the flyover, is to direct travelers away from St. Catherine, which some perceive as rundown. How about spending a little money on fixing up St. Catherine, instead of spending even more money on avoiding it?

  • Im Still Standing

    Looking at the “piece of work” they did on the “intersections” near Ryans / McDonalds, I’m a bit “concerned” about how this will turn out.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the MDOT will agree with your thinking.  I believe the main purpose is to alleviate the traffic congestion at the intersection where the south bound traffic has to wait at the light to turn a 90 degree left turn.  The southbound traffic will have the best of this improvement since they will not stop at the intersection other than at a new light which appears in the plans at Ryan’s (note the new “loop” adjacent to the bridge which will allow northbound traffic to exit off to the right and then have alight across both lanes to access Ryans and the other businesses along that frontage road.  The snafus are, in my opinion, adding the new light at Ryans will back traffic onto the St. Catherine Creek bridge and, in the case of rear enders, back traffic up at the scene of the accidnet.  Secondly, the traffic coming from Franklin St. downtonw will then have to dogleg right under the currently constructed bridge portion to return to 61 North instead of a straight run outbound.

  • Anonymous

    It will not help anything, Just add another traffic light and more confusion.

  • Anonymous

    You are right on all counts. I am wondering if they got this blueprint from mexico also. Myself i had no problem with the old intersection.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks now I think I understand how it is designed to work