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You bought a ticket, will you ride?

The vast majority of taxpayers never went to the bus station, but we’re afraid they’ve still missed the bus.

As plans to construct a new $3 million transit facility move right along, we’re still waiting on the numbers and data that explain why such a facility is needed.

Yes, we know the Natchez Transit Service reportedly services hundreds of local residents who rely on them for basic transportation. That service is needed and shouldn’t be overlooked.

But if nearly every bus that passes is clearly at far less than capacity and the Natchez Visitor Center parking lot is full of parked buses, is this taxpayer-funded service run efficiently?

Would small vans or even cars provide the same service with better gas mileage?

Taxpayers deserve answers to those questions before $3 million more is poured into a building to house the local transit authority.

It doesn’t matter whether the dollars are local, state or federal; they still come from the pockets of the public, and the public still deserves a detailed accounting of their dollars.

For too many years, elected local officials have turned a blind eye to the largely grant-funded department. If the money doesn’t come from the city coffers, they don’t ask questions.

But taxpayers deserve a closely accounted for transit system, not a non-stop free ride for spending.