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Local company adds fun, flair to candle business

Published 12:00am Sunday, March 18, 2012

As the store attracted more customers, Jesse reached out to family to help increase production, but still keep it a family run business.

Johnny Whitehead, Jesse’s brother, and his son Clay, joined the Southern Flair crew not long after the store opened and said they got hooked on the candle business.

“At first I was just going to help out a little bit, but now I think this is just what I do,” Johnny said. “All of our friends and family know we make the candles, but other people in town or people that I haven’t talked to in a while will be like, ‘Oh you make those candles?’”

Apart from helping with the production process, Johnny is also heading up the digital operation — helping the company expand to any EBay store and creating a website for the store.

Current top selling candles include “Butt Naked,” a fruity smelling scent, and “Birds of Paradise,” but experimentation and customer input has the crew expanding scents quickly.

Another customer favorite, “Butt Naked in the Grass,” was created after a customer was burning two different wax tabs separately and liked the smell of the two combined.

“(The customer) bought one of our strongest smelling wax tabs, which is lime and lemon grass, but at the same time she’s a “Butt Naked” fan,” Jesse said. “She said that when she got to a certain point of her house when both of them were combined, it smelt great.”

The customer requested a batch of candles be made with the two scents combined and thus “Butt Naked in the Grass” was born.

“While we were making it, we had so many compliments on it that we just kept making it and now that’s one of our popular scents,” Jesse said. “We always like to get input from our customers because they know what they like.”

The store also carries shirts, jewelry, gifts and various accessories.

In an effort to continue marketing the Southern Flair brand, Jesse said his staff is working on creating a custom line of t-shirts with their own unique southern charm.

Even as the store continues to expand its product horizons, Jesse said maintaining the local family run company feel of the store and quality products will never change.

“Five years from now it’s going to be the exact same quality you’re getting right now,” Jesse said. “We’ll never compromise on the quality of our candles or our customer satisfaction.”

  • Anonymous

    Why do you have to use such “gutter” names for your candles?  Can’t imagine giving a gift with a name like these to anyone you cared about!

  • Big

    Southern Flair Candles is the name of the company……  the names are the scents!  :) Try them you might like it.  I have had some funny names of scents But they sure smelt good.  Wonder if they can do “Birds of paradise Oil????  I found it one time and have not been able to find it again.  AWESOME Gift. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m just pretty sure “SMELT” is NOT  a word. Geez.

  • Anonymous

     Yeah, that was a bit disappointing.  Might try letting someone other than an 8 year old boy give the scents their names.  They were named by a child, right?

  • Anonymous

    Another jar candle with lousy colors, stupid names, and cheap fragrance oils. They’ll sell a ton around here.

  • Libby

    Well I am very happy for Jesse and the Whitehead family.  I have been to the store and it is very nice and their candles are FABULOUS!!!  Way to go Jesse.   I will be shopping their for years to come and think that it is great that you all have opened up a hometown family store.   Good Luck to you!   

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