Ferriday recreation director reinstated

Published 12:10am Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FERRIDAY — Heartfelt confessions and stories from Ferriday residents Monday morning produced tears from some alderman and eventually a decision from Mayor Glen McGlothin on the fate of the town’s recreation director.

Last week, the board of aldermen chose to table the decision regarding Recreation Director McKinley D. Bates III, who was arrested March 3, on charges of felony possession of marijuana with intent, carrying of weapons and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Bates’ arrest came with 30 others who were arrested after a yearlong joint investigation among federal, state and local law enforcement agencies that targeted narcotics sales in the Ferriday area.

Bates was released from the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office on $45,000 bond March 5.

After the arrest, McGlothin issued a letter stating that Bates was placed on indefinite suspension without pay.

During the regular board meeting last week, the board argued that a notice in the recreation manual stated the director must be given a 30-day notice before being terminated and that Bates should be able to present his case before a final decision was made.

Bates approached the board Monday morning during a specially called meeting and gave a short, but emotional speech.

“I don’t want to say anything about my situation, but I know I’m innocent. But the fact remains proving it now,” Bates said. “It’s not about me, it’s about the children. I know this thing looks ugly, but I just want my job back.”

Other community members and aldermen gave positive feedback in support of Banks before McGlothin said he had reached a decision.

“I’ve given this so much thought … I’m going to put McKinley back to work and put my faith in him like he put his faith in me,” McGlothin said. “I’m going to hope and pray that my faith in him comes out like I think it will.”

While the decision was ultimately left up to McGlothin alone and not the board, he said seeing and hearing the community standing behind Bates reassured him of his decision.

“A lot of people have come to me since the last meeting, and I’m taking a chance on what he’s done with the little bit he’s had and his track record,” McGlothin said after the meeting. “Whether he’s guilty or not guilty is not up to me, I’m going on a gut feeling with this and if it saves one kid from doing something wrong, than it’ll be worth it.”

Breathing a deep sigh of relief after the decision, Bates said he is ready to get back to work and catch up on the work he’s missed.

“It’s going to benefit the kids because that’s what it’s all about,” Bates said after the meeting. “I have to make a lot of phone calls and get back to work.”

Bates said he was appreciative of the community, the board of aldermen and McGlothin, all of whom have shown their support for him.

“The mayor is an honest man, and he made his decision based on the fact that he knows me and knows that I won’t let him down,” Bates said. “The Lord says that what you put into a situation, you will get back tenfold, and I’m just grateful that God laid his hand on this situation.”

  • Anonymous

    Well, there you go.  You get what you deserve, Ferriday.

  • Anonymous

    What?! WHAT!?  WWHHAATT !!?? OOooohhh boy, is this one gonna be good.
    ” I cross my heart and hope to die, that I didn’t do anything wrong! I’m an innocent man! Don’t you know that the police and the FBI ALWAYS arrest innocent people.”
    Good grief-  must be something in the water……

  • Anonymous

    Crakalakin- are we the only ones who think this whole country has gone absolutely, stark-raving nuts??  Has all reasoning and intelligence gone out-the-door? What the devil has happened to this country?

  • Anonymous

    Third world country justice. And the hits just keep on comin’!

  • Anonymous

    How is Ferriday going to tell its children to stay off drugs as they hire a drug dealer out on bail as recreation director?

    To all those people who said that what happened in that bust wasn’t representative of Ferriday, here’s proof you are wrong.  Your city government, your representation, just proved that your little town is nothing but a drug town.

  • Anonymous

    Some times I wonder why I left Ferriday and then, BAM, the reason pops up in the ND.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sorry that Glen fell for this crap. Hell, we’ve got “lettem go Lillie” and they have this.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CNEGJEREYHUI5BRK2QOT4GXCNI Big

    QUESTION……..Did the drug belong to one of the kids?  Is that what he is trying to protect?  Well the truth needs to come out and He needs to stand and face his guility verdit.  bUT EITHER WAY drugs ARE WRONG!!!!

  • CatTiger

    Glen’s health is no longer the best. He fought a good fight in Ferriday.

    Glen threw a bone to someone who is still going to face the board again in 30 days and then a judge in Vidalia. Glen is wore out on it.

    Cop out? Maybe in some views, but Glen is not the problem here.

  • Anonymous

    If it is about the kids,then you would do it for free if you had to.But obviously it was more about the job and the position.Many do the same thing in our community for free without a title.How about building a program for all the kids and not just football. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why the ND took down their Opinion piece reference this story. Political pressure???

  • Anonymous

    Maybe….strange…but their “Opinion” piece was dead on accurate.