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Courthouse records: March 16-22, 2012

Adams County

March 16-22

Civil suits filed

In Re: Roger Lockette.

Neil Varnell v. Paul K. Johnson.

DHS — Kevin Rawlings.

DHS — Charles Campbell.

DHS — Roderick Cage.

DHS — Clifford Robb.

DHS — Jim Turner.

DHS — Earnest Whigham.

DHS — Thomas Thompson.

DHS — Francis Smith.

DHS — Kendrick Tolbert.

DHS — Ryan Parker.

DHS — Alexandra Madera.

DHS — Stephen Myles.

DHS — Thomas Keith.

DHS — Melvin Washington.

DHS — Brent Dossett.

DHS — Mark Morrison.

DHS — Darrell Owens.

DHS — Maurice Pullins.

In Re: Andrew Lee Carter.

Estate of Sanches Champ.

Guardianship of Corey James Williams.

American Public Realty, LLC v. Peter Banks Jr. et al.

Estate of Mose Edward Warren.

Estate of William Thomas O’Brien III.