Goodness Gracious: ‘Killer’ weds, for 7th time, in Natchez

Published 12:11am Friday, March 30, 2012

The couple was engaged soon after but had no definite wedding details — until five months ago.

“We were just watching an old movie and he said, ‘Let’s get married in Ferriday. I want to get married in my old house,’” Judith said.

Lewis was first married in the early 1950s when he made Dorothy Barton his wife.

But Lewis is most infamous for his 1957 marriage to then-13-year-old Myra Gale Brown — also his first cousin once removed.

Placing all that behind them, the couple began planning for the wedding with high hopes of hearing wedding bells by early March.

But health problems soon after arriving in the Miss-Lou sidetracked the wedding for a few days.

“I noticed that he wasn’t feeling real well, so we went to the doctor and they said Jerry just needed a little physical therapy for his back and he’d be fine,” Judith said. “We checked him into Riverland (Medical Center), and they helped him with his back.”

Not wanting to let a little back pain stop him from marrying his soul mate, Judith said Jerry was adamant about having the ceremony in his hospital room.

“He kept saying, ‘Just bring the preacher into the hospital, and we’ll get married here,’” Judith said. “I talked him out of that one.”

After leaving the hospital, Jerry was still having some back pains, so the couple decided to have the wedding in Natchez at the house where they were staying.

“We decided to have the wedding here in Natchez, because his back was hurting, but also because we love Natchez,” Judith said, who did the talking for Jerry while he rested. “He wants to renew our vows in Ferriday, though.”

And even though Lewis could fill up an invitation list that would stretch across the bridge into Ferriday, Judith said the couple decided to keep the wedding small and private.

Judith’s sister, Jerry’s sister — Frankie Jean Terrell of Ferriday — and the preacher — the Rev. Doug Broome of Natchez — were among those present.

“We don’t really need to do all that big wedding stuff,” Judith said. “It was just going to be me, him and the preacher, but we decided to invite some close family.”

Since becoming Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis, the newlyweds have been cruising around Natchez and Ferriday reliving old memories.

“We’ve been going to Ferriday and looking at all his old stomping grounds there and here in Natchez,” Judith said.

Ending a month-long wedding and honeymoon celebration, the couple will return home to Nesbit today, but Judith said they always look forward to returning to the Miss-Lou.

“We’re going back (today) and taking a detour on the Natchez Trace,” Judith said. “We’ve had a great time here. He always seems happiest when he’s in Ferriday and Natchez.”

  • Anonymous

    Still the “Killer”!

  • Anonymous

    Anything for attention………

  • Anonymous

    And some people say that same-sex couples getting married is what takes the sanctity out of marriage…….

  • Anonymous

     “Neither of us feels like we’ve been married before, so this was like the first time for both of us.”

    I guess the dementia has set in.

  • Anonymous

    May the Good Lord bless his/her marriage, and may they live together in joy and peace ’til the end! Lewis will ALWAYS be ” ‘da Bomb”- very few piano players can truly emulate his style. Rock on, Jerry, rock on!

  • khakirat

    Hope them the very best of luck in life and God bless them and I’ll alway remember the 50′s as the 60′s him singing at Morgans!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That’s my home boy from Ferriday where he learned how to rock & roll with soul. The lesson here is that you only have one life to live,so enjoy it Jerry!

  • Anonymous

    Killer should stop going to family reunions.  His first wife was a cousin and the 7th is an ex-wife of a cousin.

  • Anonymous

    One of my all time favorite.

  • Anonymous

    You can take the boy out of the Miss-Lou, but you can’t take the Miss-Lou out of the boy!  Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Killer! 

    There is a new book coming out May 1 by J.D. Davis titled “Unconquered” that cronicles the lives of Jerry Lee, Mickey, and Jimmy.  Supposed to be a great book with lots of Miss-Lou facts and connections! 

  • Anonymous

    Judith Coughlin Brown is playing the good folks of Natchez for fools. 

  • Peter Checksfield

     His first wife wasn’t a cousin – that was his 3rd wife. 

  • Anonymous

    I stand corrected.  I was thinking about it after the post and sort of remembered he was running around on the wife when he was pursuing cuz.

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