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Father-son bonding goes too far in assault

NATCHEZ — A father-son duo was arrested Thursday on charges they savagely beat a man — even pursuing him into his home after an initial altercation was over — after he broke up an argument at a crawfish boil.

Alton Perry, 44, and Calvin Austin Perry, 18, both of 2361 McCall Creek Road, were arrested Thursday on charges of aggravated assault — manifesting extreme indifference to human life.

Adams County Sheriff Chuck Mayfield said the incident happened the Wild Coyote Saloon at 85 Lake Montrose Road.

A crawfish boil was being hosted at the bar, and Mayfield said the victim — John Cupit, whose mother owns the bar — heard the noise of a verbal altercation from his adjacent residence.

The altercation was between two teens, and Cupit told the older of the two teenagers to leave the younger one alone, Mayfield said.

“When he did that, Calvin (Perry) ran over there yelled across to them and said he wanted to fight John,” Mayfield said. “When Calvin was talking to (Cupit), Alton came over and hit him on the left side of the head, stunned him and knocked him to the ground.”

Once on the ground, Calvin Perry allegedly started beating the victim in the face, Mayfield said.

The crowd was able to stop the beating, and Cupit’s girlfriend, Brandi Ladnier, was able to get away from the fight and into his house, but Mayfield said when he got into the house, the two attackers broke into the house and jumped on him again, beating him more.

The victim sustained serious injuries from the beating, having every bone on the right side of his face broken, along with his jaw and nose, Mayfield said.

Investigators are unsure if there is a connection between the beating and the initial altercation involving the teenagers, Mayfield said.

Both men were released on $5,000 bonds Thursday.