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More arrests possible in Monterey teen’s death

JONESVILLE — An investigation into the death of a Monterey High School senior that put two Jonesville men behind bars is ongoing and more arrests are possible, authorities said Monday.

Sara Morgan, 17, a senior at Monterey High School, died April 26 at LaSalle General Hospital in Jena, La.

Morgan was spending the night with a friend on Tew Lake Road in Catahoula Parish when the following morning, she could not be awakened, said Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office investigator Tony Edwards.

Morgan was transported to the LaSalle Parish Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Edwards said toxicology tests being performed by the Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office are still pending.

The two men arrested are accused of supplying drugs that resulted in Morgan’s death.

Wedon Mark McMillin, 28, 290 Taylor Road, was arrested by the Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office on April 26.

Harvey Savage Jr., 27, of Jonesville, was arrested May 1.

Each has been charged with second-degree murder, and Judge Leo Boothe set bond for each at $200,000.

According to Louisiana state laws, an individual can be charged with second-degree murder when the offender unlawfully distributes or dispenses a controlled dangerous substance, which is the direct cause of the death of the recipient.

Morgan would have graduated from Monterey High School this Saturday.