Ben Hillyer / The Natchez Democrat — It was the game of the year at the Vidalia Softball Complex as two unbeaten T-Ball teams faced each other Tuesday night for ultimate pride. Each team put their own personal spin on the ballgame in hope of gaining an edge over their opponent. S & T Tires slugger Charley Prunty, above, put a little leg into her swing during her time at bat. Three-year-old MaKaleigh Owens, at top, liked to chew on her glove as she waited in the outfield and Chloe Smith kept score in the inflield for the Rhino Graphics team. In the end, S&T Tires beat Rhino Graphics 19-18.

Photo feature: Kick it up a notch

Published 12:09am Wednesday, May 23, 2012
  • vilou09

    I like that they keep score. Too many leagues now don’t allow tee-ballers to keep score. If score isn’t kept, the fundamentals of the game are not picked up, and the kids have no drive to play to win. What does that teach them about life? That you can underperform and it won’t matter? You can’t always win at everything… That’s life.

    Congrats to all the little tee ballers!! :)