LAUREN WOOD/THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Sage Atkins, from left, helps Sloan Pintard put on her stole as Nikki Renfrow helps Hunter Knight pin on her cap in the bathroom at First Baptist Church Friday night before the Adams County Christian School graduation ceremony.

ACCS graduates relive memories

Published 12:03am Saturday, May 26, 2012

NATCHEZ — As Adams County Christian School’s class gathered for the last time, they admitted feeling both nostalgic and excited.

Senior Hunter Knight said she can’t believe how quickly the past 12 years have gone by.

“I feel like just yesterday I was riding my Barbie Jeep,” Knight said. “I’m sad that we’re graduating, but I’m excited to go out and explore the world.”

Walking alongside Knight, 17-year-old Nikki Renfrow said she’s looking forward to joining the Navy.

“I have a lot of family in the Navy,” Renfrow said. “So I guess it’s always been a dream of mine.”

Renfrow said she plans to enlist for four to six years and then go to college and study criminal justice.

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Inside the church, Christopher Perry said he was excited to graduate.

“I’ve signed with (Copiah-Lincoln Community College) to play baseball,” Perry said.

Perry said he plans to become a game warden after college.

Across the lobby, Holden Braswell said he was ready to go to college.

“I’m going to try to go to LSU and be a lawyer,” Braswell said.

Braswell said his favorite memories from high school involved riding around with his friends on the weekends.

A few steps over, Nathan Latimer said he was excited to graduate and go to basic training in Linwood and join the National Guard.

Latimer said he has good memories of high school, including an incident which he became famous for among his ACCS classmates.

“The funniest memory is of me scoring three goals for the other team,” Latimer said. “What made it so much funnier is that I’ve played soccer my whole life.”

After reminiscing with each other about their years in school, the 26 graduates of ACCS walked down the aisles of First Baptist Church to receive their diplomas.

The Rev. Reed McCalab of Natchez encouraged the graduates to reflect on the moment, the last moment they would be together as a class.

“Graduation is not about today,” McCalab said. “It’s about living into tomorrow.”

McCalab reminded the graduates that they are in control of their lives now, and instructed them to be willing to take chances.

“The real disappointment isn’t in failure, but the decision not to try,” McCalab said.

Salutatorian Kevin Campbell reminded his classmates of some of his favorite memories from their years together, including dressing up as pilgrims and Indians in kindergarten and dancing with their parents at the senior homecoming pep rally.

Campbell said that he knows his class will face many challenges in life, but he believes they can conquer anything if they hold on to the hand of God.

“The world tells you to follow your dreams,” Campbell said. “But I’m telling you to seek God’s will for your life.”

Following Campbell’s encouragement, valedictorian Denise Collier challenged her class to face life’s trials with confidence.

“Everyone struggles at some point in their lives,” Collier said. “All of us can overcome any challenges as long as we believe in ourselves.”

Collier left her class with some final words of advice.

“Never be afraid to take a risk,” she said. “Fight through all obstacles, and when things get tough look up and ask God for help.”

With strong faith and warm memories, the graduates of Adams County Christian School said they were excited to go out into the world and make a difference.