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An election season poem

The time is nigh

To peck a note

Regarding the

Impending vote


The fifth of June

Mere days away

Signals the path

On which we’ll stray


Mayoral challenge

Is at hand

To elevate

Our city grand


We have a choice

Come Tuesday next

To sound our voice

In stark context


A privilege

Unlike men find

In governments afar

So blind


Where freedom holds

But fleeting dreams

Voices e’er squelched

By prisoned screams


Yet here we’ve garnered

Milksop style

As tough we’ve earned

Apathy’s smile


For, half of us

Will disregard

This honor bought

By honorguard


We’ll bar-b-que

Or wash the Benz

Ignoring all the while

Past trends


The daily lives

We hold so dear

Will cloud our vision

Through our fear


Our secondary

Greatest gift

The brave beheld

Now set adrift


And yet, it is

your vote, you see

Which dashes all

That’s tyranny


Your safeguard

In a world, astray

Where doom seeks others

Day to day


So off you’re a**

And on your feet

Out of the shade

And in the heat


Make plans, go now

To draw your part

Set down conclusions

Steel your heart


And act, upon

Election day,

Show confidence

And not dismay


Get to your precinct

Invoke your right

And sleep the peace

Of Freedom’s height


Keith Benoist

Natchez resident