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Weekend Ticket is great resource

Maybe I haven’t been observant previously, but I want you to know I really appreciate the Weekend Ticket article in The Natchez Democrat. There have been so many events we missed because we just didn’t know about them until the article about how great they were appeared in the newspaper.

Because of this article, we were able to choose from several great weekend events this past weekend.

Even though we were out of town for Saturday’s events, we really enjoyed the U.S. Air Force Band of the Reserve’s Brass Quintet in the gazebo. My daughter’s family had planned to attend the event at Concordia Airport (which I would’ve gone to if I were in town), and my son’s girlfriend found out that she had to work through the craft fair for the first time, and she wasn’t happy, but at least she knew about it.

I just wanted you all to know it’s appreciated.

I think it’s probably the biggest gap I noticed previously. The Tracings are usually just limited events, and it’s nice to be able to attend community fun times.

I’d like to encourage the office of tourism to continue to find music venues for the gazebo. It was a nice “music in the park” feel. We relocated to Natchez in 2007, and it’s got the charm I’ve always wanted to visit but never hoped to live within. We have so much we can cultivate — if people know about it.

Thank you and the whole crew for what you do day in and day out!


Ruby C. “Christy” Potter

Natchez resident