Privileged to point to Democrat

Published 12:29am Sunday, June 17, 2012

We often take things for granted. Upon reflection, please accept my personal thanks for the exemplary work performed by you and your staff.

These include the following:

•Accurate and unbiased reporting of local events and happenings.

•Excellent sports coverage of local schools.

•Consideration and reporting of Delta State University athletics.

•Your thoughtful and provocative editorials.

•Coverage of the Bob Dearing appreciation night.

•Rapid response to inquiries, notes and suggestions.

•Effective ad production for Lakeside Ford.

At a time in history when many large and small newspapers have ceased publication, cut back on printing schedules, laid off long-time employees and otherwise become victims of new age media, The Democrat has survived and thrived in a difficult economy.

As one individual Natchezian, please accept my personal thanks for all you do. We are indeed privileged to point with pride to our Democrat.

I sincerely appreciate you care, concern and performance.


Joe Eidt Sr.

Natchez resident