Natchez-Adams School District hires assistant superintendent

Published 12:04am Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NATCHEZ — The Natchez-Adams School Board voted Tuesday to follow the new superintendent’s recommendation to hire Tanisha Smith as the district’s new assistant superintendent.

Smith formerly worked as the principal of a freshmen academy at Tupelo High School in the same district where Superintendent Frederick Hill formerly worked.

The vote came at a specially called meeting Tuesday to address the assistant superintendent recommendation.

Hill reportedly worked with Smith for three years at the Tupelo Public School District, where Hill served as the assistant superintendent.

The board also voted to pay Smith a salary of $92,000.

Board President Wayne Barnett said after the meeting that Smith’s salary will be the second-highest in the district and represents a savings of approximately $20,000 from the former assistant superintendent’s salary.

The board approved former NASD assistant superintendent Morris Stanton’s resignation at a June 28 specially called meeting.

Stanton, who is originally from Natchez, was hired as assistant superintendent in 2008 under former Superintendent Anthony Morris’ administration.

Smith will be relocating to Natchez with her husband, Roderick. She earned her an undergraduate degree from Jackson State University, a master’s from Mississippi College and her doctorate from Mississippi State University.

Smith, who is originally from Chicago, grew up in the Jackson area, Roderick said.

  • Anonymous

    I am shocked at all the high paying salaries we have here in Natchez that nobody qualified to be asst. supt. This could have saved even more than the difference in Stanton’s salary and the new assistant.If these high paying people are not productive, then they should be dismissed.

  • Anonymous

    The third highest paid person in the district was $1K less than the new asst. supt. salary, not much savings there.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what kind of job ol’ Roderick has that he can just pull up an come to Natchez. I, being a suspicious type of person, wonder about a man trying so hard to get a woman he “worked” with to come from Tupelo to Natchez to “work” with him again.

  • khakirat

    Well, here it sounds like a kinfolk deal which isn’t the first for this Adams county school district!! If a contract is signed there should be specifications of achievements and goals and if not met they need to be fired! See you at the meeting Thursday –4P/M(School Board)!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The newly hired superintendent is bringing someone with him he can trust, that understands his goals for the future of the school district, and where he can have someone on “his side” when the going gets rough; and I can guarantee him there will be a lot of “rough” in his job. I wish them both the best of luck, they are going to need it. As far as the salaries, you have got to be kidding me if you believe their salaries are high for their job description, their salaries are on the lowest scale for their job descriptions and position.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry, the district will put him in a position making good money I am sure.  Just like they did with the new super’s wife, they put her in a position without even advertising it as being available.