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Protect your children from fireworks

Parents these days are incredibly protective of their children. That’s why I am surprised to see so many children playing with fireworks each Fourth of July.

Of the 9,000 fireworks-related injuries each year, 21 percent are eye injuries and more than half of the victims are young children or teenagers.

Even sparklers, which may seem harmless, cause about a third of all fireworks injuries.

As an ophthalmologist, I see these types of traumatic injuries each year and, from eye lid lacerations to a ruptured eyeball, trust me: you do not want your Fourth of July to end with an eye injury.

For a safe, fun July 4, the Mississippi Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons recommends attending a professional fireworks display.

If you really must put on your own fireworks show, be sure that you and your kids wear protective eyewear.

Most importantly, never let children play with fireworks.


Ronald Glenn Herrington, M.D.

President of the Mississippi Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons