Teenage stepson wanted in murder of Vidalia man

Published 12:07am Monday, July 16, 2012

VIDALIA — The search was on late Sunday night for a teenager after he allegedly shot and killed his stepfather.

The 15-year-old, who was not identified because of his age, reportedly fled the scene of the crime on foot.

Terry Watson, who was shot in the abdomen and shoulder, died at a Jackson hospital late Sunday, Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Deputy David Hedrick confirmed.

The CPSO responded to a 911 call at 3:10 p.m. reporting a man had been shot at 154 East Road, Hedrick said.

When responders arrived on the scene, they discovered Watson, whom investigators believe was shot with a .380 pistol, Hedrick said.

The weapon was not on the scene.

The suspected shooter was reportedly wearing pajamas when he ran from the house.

As of 11 p.m. Sunday the teen had not been located.

Hedrick said Sunday evening that investigators had obtained a warrant before Watson’s death for the teen’s arrest on charges of second-degree attempted murder. The charges may now be upgraded to second-degree murder.

Watson was transported to Natchez Regional Medical Center by Metro Ambulance, and was later airlifted to Jackson for treatment in critical condition.

Another juvenile in the residence made the call to 911. Hedrick said that juvenile was with family members Sunday evening.




  • Anonymous

    Wait….there is a person missing who murdered someone, and they won’t release his name due to his age….Okay, because that makes sense.  Let’s let him kill off a few more people before we know who to look out for!

  • Anonymous

    Thank the liberal court system and the ACLU for being more concerned for the criminals rights than for the victim and community.

  • Anonymous

    Just say a prayer, God knows his name.

  • Anonymous

    Try and understand that God is very busy trying to get his humans to act as He CREATED THEM TO ACT. He created humans to have a mind of their own and that means to do good or do evil. He expects us humans to act as if we have good sense. He does not intervene in every stupid act we choose to do. We humans need to know who committed this crime in order to be alert for our own safety and those we love. God knows exacty who this kid is and where he is, but we humans don’t because of a stupid law created by stupid people. The ACLU and NACCP should be disbanded and thrown out of America.

  • vilou09

    That’s exactly what I was just thinking!! It’s moronic to protect him because of his age when that’s leaving the rest of us vulnerable.

  • vilou09

    Thank you. Said all I wanted to.

  • Anonymous

    That is true, I undestand what you’re saying. I guess I just thought with all they did tell you, the victim’s name, the street he lived on, the child’s age etc. If that didn’t tell you who he was, then probably his name wouldn’t help. That is what people were requesting, not a description, but a name. It would’ve meant nothing to me if the rest didn’t help. No harm meant, was just saying probably more important the kid be prayed for being found safe, I’m guessing he wasn’t on a rampage, but idk.

  • Anonymous

    Before judgement is passed on allegations. Please remember that we have a judicial system that serves to find the truth. For all we know, this may have been self-defense—For, Step dads have been known to be violent in their own right…