Superintendent: No. 2 awaits license renewal

Published 12:00am Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NATCHEZ — The new assistant superintendent of the Natchez-Adams School District is currently waiting on her educational license to be renewed, NASD Superintendent Frederick Hill said. And she has already has met all requirements for renewal, Hill said.

Hill spoke about the matter Monday, following a public comment at a July 5 hearing on the budget.

Hill recommended the board hire Smith, who previously worked with him in the Tupelo Public School District.

Hill said the Mississippi Department of Education is often slow this time of year with license issuance and renewals because of the high number of college graduates applying for a license.

“They’re flooded right now,” Hill said.

Smith has until October to be issued her license renewal, a process that can take six to eight weeks, he said. If Smith’s license is not renewed for any reason, the NASD school board can vote to “non-renew” Smith’s contract and reduce her pay, Hill said.

Smith was hired July 3, approximately a week after former assistant superintendent Morris Stanton submitted his resignation to the board.

Hill said it is a common and legal practice to bring someone in he preferred to work with pending board approval, much like the way his former mentor brought him into the Tupelo schools as an assistant superintendent.

“If I had to do it all over, I’d do the same thing,” Hill said.

  • Anonymous

    Will she be paid her regular salary while she is waiting for her license? I heard when a teacher has not received his/ her license yet, he or she is paid like a day to day sub. Can someone clear this up for me? Is she just newly certified? I hope she is the right fit for the job.

  • Anonymous

    Article says “renewal” not new application, has until October to get it, if not received, “reduce her pay”.  That would indicate also that if she is not issued the renewal, she will not qualify as the Asst. Supt, thus will have to be reduced into another position or fired.  If this one is not renewed, will she have an alternate license to fill another position, or be totally license-less?

  • khakirat

    Sound like a kinship deal that is big with the Adams county schools system! If she don’t have a license she shouldn’t be considered at all!!

  • Anonymous

    I had high hopes for the system under Dr. Hill, but this makes me wonder about his judgement. The BOE should have made sure everything was in order before they approved this appointment. I read and re-read this article, and I still am not sure what she will be making until her license is renewed.Come on people let’s do it right this time.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it is very common, and it’s called networking. Great job Dr. Hill for standing firm behind your decision to hire Ms. Smith.  As you may have already read, this job will be an uphill battle, but implementing change has never been an easy job. Stick to your game plan and the rewards will come. I’m sure you will do quite well in your career!

    “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won” ~Winston Churchill 

  • Anonymous

    Janice. nobody is against networking or Dr. Hill. I wish him only the best. However, what example is this setting? I have heard of similar situations like this under other administrations, and the people had to wait until they were actually certified before being paid the full salary for the jobs. The administrators that did the hiring were reprimanded at the board meeting publicly. I therefore, hope we get it right this time.
    The only time one does not make a mistake is when one does nothing; however, admit the mistake and move on.

    Solid planning considers yesterday’s results, today’s reality and tomorrow’s roles.- SEEDS OF SUCCESS

  • khakirat

    It will never be right till a elected school board is elected by the taxpayers!!

  • Anonymous

    Bottom line is her license should have never expired as an administrator, this is not a common practice people. Going through the summer
    alternate route administrator program is not a strong enough program for her to be an asst. supt. Last year, she should have only served as
    an Assistant Principal which she did. Lets hope that she really did complete the requirements for license. No one else in Natchez could receive a 
    salary without license. Only in Natchez, does this happen. Good luck to taxpayers and her attractive salary. I pray that one day, the citizens of
    Natchez quit letting outsiders come in and do what you cant. Those two are laughing at you dummies and if you work in the school district,
    have kids in the district, or have worked hard to pass your test, I am talking to you. 

  • Big

    Well lets see……I am a Family doctor oops I have no license but let me do surgery on you……. NOT!!!!!    No Lic No Hire!  that is something that should not be lapsed .  Even Nursing License if they dont have they can not work……..You Drive a car,  Your licenses expire, you CAN NOT DRIVE,  DUH NATCHEZ where is your head NOW??????

  • Anonymous

    I’m thrilled that you have cleared that up, although my post was not aimed at anyone in particular. However, the tone of your posts have come across as bitter in some instances, especially referencing salary. OAN:  Things have a way of being convoluted, so maybe what you “heard” isn’t 100% correct.

    Yes, I agree that a mistake can’t be made if nothing is done; however, this young lady is in the process of getting her license and has met all of the qualifications. No one is infallible, so to suggest that hiring her is a huge mistake is a bit harsh in my opinion. If you are addressing equal opportunity in regards to the board, once again, I wholeheartedly agree.