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Mayor Brown’s ‘magic’ will continue

Ben Hillyer’s column about Mayor Butch Brown Thursday was so well written and such an accurate description of our mayor. Yes, OUR mayor.

Even though I live in the county, I (as well as others), are claiming Butch.

I have children, family and friends who do live in the city and who helped elect Mayor Brown.

I gave 43 years of my life to Natchez and Adams County; 20 years as a Natchez fireman and 23 years with Adams County Sheriff’s Office.

We do travel the streets of Natchez, shopping in the stores, eating in the restaurants, using health care facilities, etc.

We do believe the actions of the city affect the county, as well as the actions of the county affecting the city. For example, the Natchez Fire Department responds to the county and Adams County law enforcement responds to the city.

With Butch it is full-steam ahead, while keeping decisions and actions under control.

We do believe “the magic” will continue.


Jerry McDaniel

Natchez resident