Act, don’t criticize, for voter results

Published 12:18am Sunday, July 29, 2012

In response to the article titled, “Voter ID could hurt 48K,” I suggest the Brennan Center for Justice located in New York and Sundeep Iyer, whoever in the world he or she is, should make an attempt to register the 48,000 Mississippians instead of criticizing the lawmakers who support voter identification.

Here is a suggestion. Take the 48,000 people, amounting to not even 600 per Mississippi county, and let’s say there are 20 churches in each county. Task them with locating these poor, old people with no identification and legally registering them.

This would amount to each church needing to find 30 people. If they only find eight people per year, in the span of less than four years, everyone would have a state issued ID. Problem solved.

If they would spend as much time trying to solve the problem of these folks not having an ID than to be criticizing and chastising legislators who truly want to make sure only registered voters get to vote, the problem could be solved.

Maybe the real reason these people from New York are so concerned is that maybe many of the folks they want to register are not U.S. citizens anyway. Oh, that could never be, could it?

And I ask each person, how many people do you know personally that are legal U.S. citizens who don’t have an ID?

And if you do know anyone, and you are so concerned, and they really want to vote, why not help them get an ID?

Thought of any yet?


Kevin Friloux

Vidalia resident

  • Anonymous

    I assume the effort and amount of gasoline to take care of this problem would cost more than the $2 poll tax that existed years ago and caused quite a stir.  As a result, the dissenters in the end will win out and we will continue with a questionable electorate.

  • Anonymous

     They will try that argument, as laughable as it is.  Incompetent when politically expedient.We now know what this is about.  Protection of a racket.  We got a peek of it in Tunica County recently.  Naturally, only local media covered it.

  • Anonymous

    I have as of yet to understand why voter id was not put in place many years ago. Maybe because we did not have the CHEATERS we have now. Everywhere you look there is voter fraud going full blast. People at one time had morals and scruples. The good decent law abiding people have been pushed into the closet with the door slammed shut. It’s time to say enough. The decent people have got to stand up and speak up. Start fighting back. VOTER ID IS A MUST. Plus all workers at the polls must be scrutinized to the limit. A lot of the voting fraud could be stopped there. Some volunteers are there just to help the fraud continue.   

  • Anonymous

    Show one example of “voter fraud full blast”?  One women in Tunica who was convicted of 10 counts of voter fraud?  Yeah, that’s massive.  And guess what?  She was convicted.  The system worked.  No real voter fraud.  More nonsense designed to distract.

  • Anonymous

    Furthermore, Sundeep Iyer is a researcher who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Harvard.  Do your research rather than demean and reinforce a provincial stereotype.  He was awarded the Gerda Richards Crosby Prize, given annually to the College’s most outstanding graduate in the Government department. For his research on voting, he also received Harvard University’s Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize.  Oh, but that’s New York, so it certainly couldn’t have any bearing on Mississippi’s issues.  Perhaps rather than searching for simplistic, one size fits all solutions to complex issues, a touch of common sense might be in order.  But hey, all these illegal aliens and non-citizens that show up at the polls, and I know we’ve all seen them, are a real threat.  NOT!