Submitted by Sonny Blackwell / Special to The Democrat — A 38-foot Rexhall motor home that slid into the river near Under-the-Hill Saloon in January has recently appeared down the river below the Briars.

Sunken RV appears in river

Published 12:31am Monday, July 30, 2012

NATCHEZ — With the Mississippi River levels low, an RV cruising the river floor for the last six months recently decided to seize the opportunity to pop up for a peek above the surface.

And the 38-foot Rexhall motor home apparently never traveled too far past the Under-the-Hill Saloon from where it first submerged.

On Jan. 29, onlookers at the Saloon watched as the RV slid into the river from the boat ramp parking lot.

Friday, a new set of onlookers snapped photos of the roof of an RV in the river that they can only assume is the same one that fell in the river earlier this year.

The RV apparently traveled slightly south of the bridge and was spotted just below the Briars.

“It looked like it had ben there a lot longer than six months,” said Sonny Blackwell, who took photos of the RV Friday.

Blackwell said the size and what appeared to be air conditioning units on the roof made him believe it was the RV that swam away in January.

“It had to have gone around the curve, tumbled and rolled a good bit to end up where it is,” Blackwell said.

U.S. Coast Guard Master Chief Randy Merrick said his office got a call Saturday about the RV surfacing, and he passed on the information to the Memphis base.

The USCG does not customarily perform salvage jobs, Merrick said.

Shortly after the RV rolled in the water months ago, USCG officials said the RV did not pose an environmental hazard because it was only carrying 50 gallons of fuel.

The USCG spokesperson said in March the RV did not pose a navigational hazard at that time.

USCG Petty Officer Brian Hampton from the Memphis office said Sunday he wasn’t personally aware of the RV situation in Natchez, but that if it turned out to pose a navigational threat, the USCG would send a broadcast notice to mariners making them aware of it.

  • Anonymous

    “Rollin on the river…..”

  • Rose Temple

    Don’t you mean Rollin IN the river? *giggle*

  • Anonymous

    Someone should recover the stupid thing and get it out before it becomes a huge problem for  boats etc. They should not allow anything that big down on silver street there is not room to park it, there is  barely room for cars and trucks.

  • Anonymous

    Remove It While You Can >>>>
        Eyesore to fish …

     You wouldn’t like a nasty looking motor coach sitting in your home ……
    Insurance company would pay for removal …..

  • Anonymous

    Shoot, I bet they got some fat cats living the high life in there!

  • Anonymous

    I agree…It wouldnt take alot of effort to at least hook the Betty M Jenkins or the Sunny tugboats up to it and winch it up or at least pull it to shallower water like the sandbars or anything….that RV needs to come out of the river…On the upside, March - Junes blue and flathead catfish spawn im sure was nice with that thing in the water..LOL

  • Anonymous

    I give motivational speeches and live in a van down by the river. I do not like this thing on my lawn.

  • Windy

    I wonder if they had it insured???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    They really do need to get that out of our river. I sure wish I could pull that sucker outta there, I would take it across the river and get some cash for it…lol!