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Miss-Lou is awesome community

On April 9, my husband, Red Mayo, and I along with another couple went to Breaux Bridge, La., to enjoy a few days of relaxation and crawfish.

The first night Red became very ill. We started out at Breaux Bridge Hospital.

After four hours, we were told that he had to be transferred to Lafayette General Hospital.

We immediately discovered that Red was in a life-threatening situation, and that he may not make it through surgery.

One call home and the Miss-Lou immediately started prayer for Red.

He spent 17 days in the hospital, some of which were in intensive care. After seven and one-half weeks, we were able to return home to Natchez.

We would like to thank the Miss-Lou churches and individuals for your support, love, concern and prayers.

Through you, Red is now recovering, thanks to the power of prayer.

Thank you Miss-Lou, what an “awesome” community. Love to each of you.


Millicent Mayo

Natchez resident