Join us in saving Margaret Martin

Published 12:01am Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On behalf of the Natchez High School/Margaret Martin Junior High School reunion and fundraising committee, we would like to thank The Natchez Democrat for the excellent coverage of our Saturday, Aug. 25 event from 6:30 to 10 p.m. at the Margaret Martin Performing Arts Center.

We would like to also bring everyone up to date and try to clear up some confusion.

Our sole purpose is to have a reunion and raise money for the building.

We first looked at the possibility of redoing the cafeteria but immediately realized the project would cost too much money.

The roof and windows would need to be repaired first or we would be wasting time and money.

The plans now are to have everything for the barbecue and reunion be handicap friendly.

Please secure your tickets now, as the Allen Brown cooking team needs to have a head count to prepare the meal.

It is not often that you can have a man cooking for you that has two Super Bowl rings.

Tickets are $25 each and are now available at the Natchez Convention Center, Davidson’s Package Store or by calling 601-445-2210.

This is your chance for all Natchez High School classes (1927-1961) and Margaret Martin Junior High School classes (1962-1985) plus friends of the building to make a donation or purchase tickets to help save our building.


Tony Byrne

committee chairman


  • khakirat

    Again, I feel the ones that want to save Margrat Martin need to buy the whole property from the city to put on the tax rolls to the public for only a few people use the MM and its a very expensive liability to the city taxpayers as well as other properties that need to shed these white elephants!!!

  • Anonymous

    I went to Margaret Martin in junior high school…and can remember vividly the roof being repaired at least twice that I can remember in just 3 years there. This is an OLD building. If it is not generating tax dollars for the City of Natchez and is instead a money-pit for local donations…do away with it.

    Something for nothing generally leaves not much left…no matter what.