Saggy pants should be against the law

Published 12:19am Sunday, August 26, 2012

I don’t know how the general populace feels about saggy pants, but I for one think it is a disgrace and indecent exposure. I am tired of seeing young men and boys walk around town with their backsides exposed for all to see.

As my wife and I sit on our front porch, we are subjected to this juvenile practice, and I think there should be an ordinance in place for this offensive gesture. The least I can say is that they are wearing underwear.  I applaud Kenneth Stokes, a Jackson politician, for promoting a ban on saggy pants, and I think Natchez should also.


Jim Sanders

Natchez resident

  • Anonymous

    yes, yes!!

  • khakirat

    I concur!!!

  • joes


  • Anonymous

    Well you can’t do that !  It might ‘disenfranchise’ these guy’s freedom of speech.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely have the right to show my behind!  Total lack of self respect, but yet, that’s what THEY want, respect.  Just hilarious.