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Rally to Margaret Martin’s cause

On Saturday, Aug. 25, some of the Natchez High School alumni and the Natchez Festival of Music Guild sponsored a fundraiser for the needed repairs for your old alma mater. There was fellowship, good food, music, tours of the school and even a sock hop.

The crowd was great, but I was disappointed that I did not see more of my students.

Guess what? The library was rocking with music. Can you imagine that much noise in my domain, the library? I was so pleased to be seated at a table almost in the same spot where my desk was formerly located. I could even envision Mrs. Strahan standing in front of the stage in the auditorium, clapping her hands to get your attention or quiet.

I am appealing to all former students of the school to consider giving a donation, small or large — whatever you can — to help restore the building. Every dollar counts! Do your share!

I suggest that when you plan class reunions that you include donations for the cause.

Remember the excellent teachers and education you were afforded in the classrooms.

I suggest when you are driving by the old school that you drive through the circular drive and look closely at the architecture of the building and look over the side entrance doors and see the open book carved on them. She is a beautiful structure and should be preserved.

I challenge each of you to rally to the cause.


Corinne Randazzo

Natchez High librarian, 1959-1961