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Stormy week turns bright for area

Perhaps the best news of all last week was that Isaac — a tropical storm turned hurricane turned tropical storm — didn’t deliver any major blows to the Miss-Lou.

Though some residents certainly have some cleaning up to do, the storm could have been much worse. Thankfully, we survived, mostly in one piece.

But before, during and after the storm blew through, other tidbits helped make the week good.

Let’s review a few:

- The Natchez-Adams School District test scores improved on most fronts, and the superintendent is optimistic things will be even brighter next year.

- The Adams County Board of Supervisors and the Natchez Board of Aldermen have scheduled a joint meeting to talk through some important decisions that affect the community. We are glad these boards are getting together and hope the meetings will become more frequent.

- Cathedral School students, coordinated by senior Erin Hicks, spent their hurricane day out of school by cleaning up storm debris from the yard of someone who couldn’t do it herself. It’s great to see our young people putting others ahead of themselves.

- Members of the Vidalia Cemetery Association spent their Saturday cleaning up after Isaac at the cemetery. Thanks to the volunteers for getting right to the task at hand.

As we pick up the last of the limbs this week, let’s remember to be thankful our great community was spared.