Landslide closes road in Wilkinson County

Published 12:06am Thursday, September 6, 2012

NATCHEZ — A landslide in Wilkinson County closed one lane of Mississippi 33 for two days.

Mississippi Department of Transportation District Seven Maintenance Engineer Bobby Wells said recent rains washed out the ground around an MDOT drainage pipe along the edge of the road.

When the support around the pipe failed, the pipe rolled and took some of the slope adjoining the road with it, causing a portion of the road to crack.

The northbound land one mile south of Rosetta had to be closed because of the crack.

Wells said a temporary repair of the slide using rip rap was done Wednesday, and that a more permanent repair would be done in the next week.

The roadway was reopened late Wednesday afternoon.

  • Charlotte Byrd Newcomb

    we shall see….people need to ride down the Rosetta road toward foster creek…but be sure and drive slow you will burst your tires, and play dodge the holes…this road needs resurfacing but it will never happen…just plain rediculous!