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Courthouse records: Sept. 7-13, 2012

Adams County

Sept. 7-13

Civil suits filed

Estate of Verna Mae M. Smith.

Estate of Cerf Hirsch.

Estate of Edward Harold Sterling.

DHS — Brandon McCoy.

In Re: Mercedes A. Nelson.

Estate of Ella M. Kaiser.

DHS — Carlos V. Morris.

DHS — Charles M. Robinson.

Divorces filed:

Sequin Brewer and Joseph Brewer. (Joint Complaint for Divorce)

Calicia Hobbs and Jeffrey Hobbs. (Joint Complaint for Divorce)

Marriage license applications:

Charles Fillmore McCall, 78, Natchez to Eula Guy McNeil, 72, Natchez.

Chester Jay Burchfield, 23, Natchez to Kimberly Diane Holifield, 24, Natchez.

Mark Anthony Milligan, 42, Natchez to Contina LaShae Sanders, 39, Natchez.

Jonathan Michael Halley, 29, Monroe, La. to Jamie Lynn Huffman, 24, Monroe, La.

Deed transactions:

Betty Jenkins Dossett to Mary R. Dossett, all of lots 5, 6, 38 and 39 and the most easterly portion of lots 7 and 37 D’Evereux Subdivision.

Rita L. Washington to Abraham Washington, lot 9 Crown Court Subdivision, Second Development.

Malcolm W. Joseph to Reginald A. Joseph, lot 76 Oakland Subdivision.

Barbara H. Rabb and Gloria F. Martini to Barbara H. Rabb, Gloria F. Martini and John Scott McManus, portion of lot 1 Montrose Plantation.

P. Glenn Green to Randy Irvin and Jimmy Delaney, 1.10 acre portion of lot 3 Hoggatt Division, a portion of Majorca Plantation.

Mamie Lee Mazique to Prentiss Green and Willie Green, lots 15, 16 and 17 East Horseshoe Subdivision.

Joanna H. Bernard to Latoya Renee Walker, lot 32 Woodhaven Subdivision (Second Development).

Richard Leroy Flye and Rosie Tuccio Flye to Leslie R. Dewey and Judy Fly Dewey, lot 24 of Block E Roselawn Homes Subdivision.

Paul D. Allen and Carolyn M. Allen to Charles G. Moser and Lora Virginia Morvant, lot 55 of a subdivision of a portion of Dunkerron (Second Development).

Virginia S. Cowart to Clinton Lee Owens, lot 25 Hammett’s Morgantown Subdivision.

Sandpiper, LLC by P. Glenn Green – managing member to Floyd A. Newman Jr., lot 53 Sandpiper Addition, Second Development.

Mildred Weathersby to Stanley Eugene Felter, lot 1 of the Subdivision of lot B Poverty Hill Plantation.

Josh Whitley to Arthur White Jr., lot C, Division of lot 11 Point Plantation.

Jerry D. Beach to Jerry D. Beach and Joseph Pierce Beach, lot 13 Arlington Addition.


Brian Scott Nugent and Audley Case Nugent to United Mississippi Bank, lot 24 Westover Heights Subdivision, Third Development.

Brian K. Priest to Britton & Koontz Bank, lot 6 Thistledown Subdivision.

John Givens and Sanqnetta Snell Givens to Citibank, lot 61 Brooklyn Subdivision.

Michael B. Ellard and Sandra V. Ellard to United Mississippi Bank, lot 3 Blair Court, a portion of a Subdivision of lot 16 Elgin Plantation.

Latoya Renee Walker to Crescent Mortgage Company, lot 32 Woodhaven Subdivision (Second Development).

Steve W. Bass and Malinda A. Bass to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, land starting at a point that is the most southeasterly corner of lot 33 Bryandale Plantation.

Thomas E. Weed and Margaret M. Weed to Britton & Koontz Bank, lots 73 and 74 Woodland Park Addition.

Concordia Parish

Sept. 7 – Sept. 14

Civil suits filed

Macy Moore McLeod v. Josh McLeod — protect order.

State of Louisiana Department of Social Services v. Frederick Robinson — non support.

State of Louisiana Department of Social Services v. Bradley Hunter Martin — non support.

State of Louisiana Department of Social Services v. John J. Adams — non support.

State of Louisiana Department of Social Services v. Kim Bernard Saul — non support.

State of Louisiana Department of Social Services v. Yolanda Green — non support. 

State of Louisiana Department of Social Services v. Kofi Lewis — non support.

Divorces filed:

Lavon Ceasor v. Charlene Anderson.

Marriage license applications:

Justin Wayne Dewitt, 29, to Daisy Claire Evans, 24, both of Jonesville. 

May 4 – May 9

Deed transactions:

J.D. Denny to Samuel K. Crawford and Angela F. Crawford for a part of Lot No. 17 of Levens Subdivision, Concordia Parish.

Joseph Parker Sr. and Dorothy M. Parker to Krishana K. Harris for Lot No. 31 of Shady Acres Subdivision of the Town of Ferriday.

Richard C. Jacks and Tricia Thomas Jacks to Andrew A. Smith for Lot No. 2 of the subdivision of a portion of the lands of Charles L. Wurster Sr. in Section 22, T6N-R8E and Lot A being a portion of Passman Property in Section 22, T6N-R8E.

Julius Ray Kelly and Christine Moffett Kelly to Patsy Kelly Micheau for Lot No. 14 of Black River Lake Lots in section 35, T6N-R7E.

David F. Cuthbertson and Barbara W. Cuthbertson to Velma Fortune and Robert Fortune for Lot No. 10 of Block 17 of the Town of Ferriday.

Michael L. Hughes and Anna Kate Smith Hughes to Gayle Amox Cowan for Lot No. 59 of the Cross Addition of the Town of Vidalia.

May 4 – May 9


Brent S. Gore and Jo Lynn Gore to Southern Heritage Bank.

Joshua Alan Loy and Carol Savant Loy to Southern Heritage Bank.

Krishana Katrell Harris to the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Housing Service.

Andrew A. Smith to Catahoula-LaSalle Bank.

Robert A. Smith and Kathryn Smith to Catahoula-LaSalle Bank.

Gayle Amox Cowan to Crescent Mortgage Company. 

John E. Blunschi III to Delta Bank.

Bobby Lee Howington and Mary Juanita Howington to Franklin State Bank and Trust Company.