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Recycled pieces may be falling into place

Literally for years the Green Alliance has been ranting on the need for recycling in the area.

Yes, yes we know that for years there have been different forms of recycling going on.

Yes, yes the Green Alliance has even written articles on different types of “soft recycling” that have been available; and yes we certainly know that we are the proud home of one of the largest paper recyclers in the region and are proud and appreciative of the different public outreach programs in which they have participated.

Yet to a certain extent many of these efforts are akin to that iconic, Super Bowl ad showing some poor cowboy trying to herd a bunch of uncooperative, mindful cats.

Thankfully through the leadership of David Gardner many of those mindful, willful cats are getting in line and working together.

A prime example of this would be the opening by Travis Brown of a drop off recycling center just north of town in Washington. The Concordia Metal drop off center is located at 801 U.S. 61 North.

Their business hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Currently along with non ferrous metals they will accept cardboard, office type paper, magazines and books.

Soon they also hope to be in the position to handle newspapers and plastic. For the area this is a major step forward!

There is still much to be done. Public education and awareness is key to the success of any sustainable community recycling program.

Curbside pickup, perhaps the holy grail of any recycling program, is successful only through community participation which starts back with education and awareness.

While there are many decisions to be made and questions to be answered, for the first time in years our community does have the beginnings of a recycling mind set.

In fact, we may even have the makings of a “perfect storm.” With the start of a drop off recycling center, the city and county waste removal contracts coming up for renewal, significant state grant money available for the development of recycling programs, the continued cooperation of the various groups interested in recycling, and the commitment of our city and county leaders this recycling dream can be achieved.

For now those of us interested in supporting the recycling movement can help move the movement along by supporting the newly opened recycling drop off center just north of town at 801 U.S. 61 North.

I really do think I see more of those cats getting in line.


Steve McNerney is the president of the Green Alliance.