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Big events came with nicer weather

What a fun week, and weekend, we’ve just had.

Our Natchez Bulldogs made us proud Friday night when they defeated the No. 1 team in the state, the weather was nice, and the events were plentiful.

Let’s review a few of the good headlines last week brought us:

- An 8-year-old is back on the job with the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office, and we trust this guy’s nose. Jaap, a highly trained police dog, took a break for some more schooling, but is back and ready to work now. We feel safer already.

- The Vidalia Police Department has new additions of its own, but with four wheels, not four legs. Three new patrol cars, funded by grants, are hitting the streets.

- Great students have special jobs this year, thanks to a Natchez-Adams School District program. The student work experience program places special education students in jobs around the district to expose them to responsibilities and a variety of skills. It’s great to know these students are not only learning, but also doing their part for their schools.

- Adams County officials are continuing to explore options for better fire protection, even though they’ve reached an agreement with the city for services during the next year. It’s great to see officials exploring options that can protect our county and save money, such as involving the Mississippi Forestry Commission in fighting some fires.

- Car lovers gathered on the bluff Saturday for the English Motoring Club showcase. Great cars were on display, and we hope locals and guests enjoyed the visit.

As we look ahead to the week to come, we’ll enjoy the excitement still surrounding the Natchez High football team while we wish them luck in the next game and count our blessings for our great community.