Church is great downtown resident

Published 12:01am Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For years, we’ve enjoyed pointing out one of the most precious jewels downtown Natchez possesses — St. Mary Basilica.

The gorgeous church building is an architectural marvel and an amazing part of Natchez’s history.

This week that jewel just got a little more special as the church officially opened its new family life center.

We’ve always known that our area’s Catholic community was a force with which to be reckoned. When they put their minds, hearts and muscles behind a project, it will get done.

But with the new center, the parishioners of St. Mary have outdone themselves.

They’ve taken an old grocery store building and transformed it into a place where we know many, many good things will happen in the years to come.

Natchez is truly blessed to have St. Mary in its faith family.

The new center is a beautiful addition to Main Street and a fitting neighbor to the stunning church sibling across the street.

We share the pride church members have after seeing the more than two decades of planning and work come to fruition.

The new facility is indeed a blessing for St. Mary’s family and for all of Natchez.

Thank you for the investment in the downtown.