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Why can’t we park on Silver Street?

After having visited Natchez many times since 1992 and having lived in Vidalia since 2008, I am perplexed about the need to disallow vehicle parking along Silver Street.

When cars are parked properly on the eastern (driver’s) side, there is more than ample room to accommodate emergency vehicles.

When we receive guests or visitors, we always encourage them to sample the best of Natchez, that being places like the Eola Hotel, Pearl Street Pasta, the Corner Bar, King’s Tavern (until it recently closed), Lil Dago’s, Fat Mama’s, Melancon’s Antique Emporium, Vintage Retreat and the many plantation homes and B&Bs, Magnolia Grill and one of my favorites and most historic stops, the Under-the-Hill Saloon near the foot of Silver Street.

But one of the problems for Silver Street visitors is the lack of available parking.

Many times I have had to go down the hill, then up the hill and make the return trip in hopes of finding a parking spot.

Extending the parking up the hill to the first curve would provide quite a few additional parking spaces for our visitors and other tourists.

Can it be there is something deeper than the excuse that there isn’t enough room for emergency vehicles when that is just not the case? If so, please fill me in and the rest of the newcomers to the Miss-Lou.


Kevin M. Friloux

Vidalia resident