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Company has come, let’s welcome all

The calendar’s acknowledgment of fall never quite seems right in the Deep South.

But regardless of the thermometer that reads 90, the Miss-Lou is pulling out pumpkins, sweaters and, of course, hoop skirts.

Today marks the official start of Fall Pilgrimage in Natchez, and with the date on the calendar will come busloads of tourists, we hope.

Fall Pilgrimage is a shorter, more laid back version of Natchez’s biggest annual show — Spring Pilgrimage.

Different flowers are in bloom, and hopefully by the time the season ends on Oct. 14, a nice chill will be in the air.

Locals not affiliated with the tours will likely carry on with life as usual during the next two weeks, but let’s remember company has come.

Pull out your best Southern smile, brush up on directions to the greatest antebellum houses and keep your yard and the areas you pass daily spruced a bit more than normal.

Tourism remains our area’s biggest industry, so Fall Pilgrimage isn’t just about hoop skirts and history. What happens in the next two weeks will directly impact our future, one way or the other.

Do your part to make this pilgrimage the best ever, and to any tourists in town already, welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay and come back often.