LAUREN WOOD / THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Oddee Smith Construction employee John Dover uses an excavator to break up concrete on the site where the Natchez Transit Facility will be built Thursday afternoon on N. Shields Lane.

Natchez transit facility gassing up for construction

Published 12:08am Friday, September 28, 2012

NATCHEZ — Work is under way at the site of the future state-of-the-art transit facility on North Shields Lane.

Crews with Paul Jackson Construction of Brookhaven are removing a fence, concrete slab and shed from the site, formerly the location of A-B Motor Company.

The crews also have 7,000 yards of dirt that has to be removed from the site.

After the demolition and excavation phases of construction are complete, City Engineer David Gardner said crews will begin a foundation for the facility.

The transit facility, its equipment, as well as two recently purchased trolleys, commuter bus and two other passenger vehicles, are being funded by a $3 million federal stimulus package through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is providing $900,000 in MDOT Formula Grants For Other than Urbanized Areas program, or Section 5311, funds to help pay for approximately $1 million in unforeseen costs for the facility.

The city will also have to pay approximately $200,000 in matching funds for the 5311 funds. Gardner has said he believes the city will only end up paying approximately $180,000.

The city originally thought it would not be required to pay any matching funds for the transit facility, but construction bids for the facility came in more than the project’s budget, approximately $1 million more than the $2.4 million construction budget for the project.

Gardner has said it was discovered that the budget, which was based on estimates made by the project’s design engineers at ABMB Engineers in Baton Rouge, did not factor in the Buy American provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The facility will be city-owned and will open up more grant funding opportunities that could pay for the operation and maintenance of the building, Natchez Transit System Director Sabrena Bartley said.

The vision behind the transit facility is regionalism, and the goal is to centralize transportation services to one location, Bartley said.

Since the 2005 passage of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users, Bartley said, there has been a push for the coordination of services and the elimination of duplicate services of different transportation providers by enabling the providers to share their resources.

Bartley said the facility will allow NTS to expand its service area and incorporate park-and-ride routes carrying out-of-town passengers with new fixed routes in the city that will have designated stops and fixed schedules.

She said NTS will be the lead agency at the facility and will be able to work with and coordinate services with other transportation providers.

Several organizations and agencies, Bartley said, have committed to be a part of the regional transit effort that will be centralized by the facility. Those organizations include the AJFC Community Action Agency, Claiborne County Human Resource Agency, Copiah County Resource Agency, First Class Limousine Service, the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors and approximately 12 other groups.

Construction of the facility must be completed by November 2013, Gardner said.

  • Anonymous

    more millions thrown away by our goverment and the taxpayers paying again,and again, and on and on.

  • Anonymous

    What are the O&M costs? Who pays that? Did anyone calculate those costs? Does anyone care?

  • Anonymous

    More entitlements on the gubment free ride. Grants, let’s all get some grants. It’s free money, you just pick it off the grant tree.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing one day the city is so poor and broke with not enough money to pay attention a few days later they have the world by the tail and spend money like it is nothing…. and the elected officials wonder why the people do not trust them or believe the crap that spews from their mouths…. hmmmmm

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    A bunch, taxpayers, no, taxpayers do but government officials don’t.

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    We need this like we need a brain tumor.

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    stimulius package money,thrown away by the billions.sad as a funeral,the working pay the bills and the non-producers do nothing.

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    Natchez can not maintain all the infrustructure we currently have. We have crumbling roads that will knock your car out of alignment, buckling side walks, over grown/ weed infested medians on our intown highways (Liberty Rd. Interchange), Aging schools, and the list goes on and on….. Why do we need a “transit facility” to up keep and maintain???? God forbid what it will look like in a few years! It will be trashed out, with grafitti, broken windows probably before the doors open! Maybe the riders will leave their baby’s soiled diapers in that parking lot instead of Wal Marts……………… For an area that is so poverty stricken, WHY??????????

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    Grant = municipal welfare.