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Your feelings don’t matter in recruitment

If the Town of Ferriday needs to know what happens when personalities and politics push economic recruitment to the side, its leaders need not look further than just across the Mississippi River and a few years back in time.

In Natchez and Adams County, for too long, politicians liked to dip their hands into the economic arena. They dreamt of chauffeuring CEOs of business prospects around town, wining, dining and enjoying a round of golf with their newfound friends.

Such leaders also thought they were the perfect ones to work out the details when it came time to finalize the deal and sign on the dotted line.

And for years — too many years — no significant economic development prospect opened doors and hired workers in Adams County.

Only when an outraged group of business leaders realized they must step in and de-politicize economic development did announcements and hiring start in Natchez.

Yet, Ferriday Mayor Gene Allen must not have been paying attention.

Instead of simply contacting the parish’s professional economic development director, Allen has apparently been pouting for months at being uninvited to the party.

Now, Allen seems ready to kill a deal with a tennis shoe manufacturer because he feels left out.

The Ferriday Board of Aldermen can’t allow this to happen, and we hope Allen himself will soon realize how his actions look and become a leader, not an emperor without clothes.