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Blame may truly lie with local drivers

Conventional wisdom is to blame automobile accidents on someone — or something — else.

Rarely do we like to admit that something is, in fact, our fault. Blame avoidance is just human nature.

How many of us have heard someone refer to an intersection as “bad?”

We’ve all done it, but the reality is that intersections don’t cause accidents, but it’s us. Human beings cause most traffic accidents.

The most obvious causes include speed, distractions and impairment.

Speed always complicates traffic mishaps as the speed dramatically cuts down the time a driver can react when a problem comes up.

Distractions simply take away a driver’s attention. Those come in all sorts of forms — from screaming children to a screaming telephone with a beckoning text message alert.

Obviously impairment comes in the form of alcohol, drugs and even exhaustion.

But if we’re really honest with ourselves, many of us may actually engage in all of these dangerous activities each week, all while piloting a two-ton wrecking ball on four-wheels.

In today’s Style section, we feature the inspiring story of a young man who was in a truck wreck caused by a combination of impairment and speed. His life will be changed forever.

Across our area, many others are not as lucky. Too many people still lose their lives in automobile accidents that could have been prevented.

When you next climb behind the wheel of your car or truck, ask yourself if you’re of the right state of mind and focused enough to drive without distraction or impairment. Cranking up the engine without being in that state of mind can change your life in an instant.