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Cost to rent Community Center is too high

A few days ago I called City Hall to determine the procedure for the use of the Natchez Community Center (not the convention center).

I was advised I would need to post a $200 cleanup fee, $500 rental fee and furnish insurance for the building, which would bring the total charge between $800 and $1,000, according to cost of insurance.

The $200 would be returned if cleanup was accomplished by the renter. I find the charges to be extremely high and unaffordable for citizens of our community.

When the convention center was built I understood the community center was for the use of the citizens of our community.

Very few of our working citizens can afford a $1,000 fee for one day and many cases a half day.

My opinion is to post $300, which would include cleanup, utilities and insurance with $100 returned if cleanup was done by the renter.

I do not believe the city should profit from a building, which is owned by the citizens.


Jerry McDaniel

Natchez resident