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Inmate assaults officer

FERRIDAY — An inmate at Rivers Correctional Facility head butted a correctional officer Friday after the officer was attempting to stop the inmate from rubbing fecal matter all over himself.

Kendrick Lee Simms, 37, 328 West Minister Drive, Slidell, was booked into the Concordia Parish jail Tuesday on a charge of battery of a correctional facility employee.

At approximately 10 a.m. Friday, Simms was in a special watch cell when correctional officer Earnest Scott noticed the inmate putting his own feces on himself, according to the affidavit for Simms’ arrest.

When Scott entered the cell, Simms approached him in an aggressive manor and was given a half second burst of chemical spray agent.

Simms then ran out of his cell and head butted Scott.

Chief Deputy David Hedrick said Simms was previously charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and had two years left on his sentence.

Simms was transported back to Rivers Correctional Facility after being booked at the sheriff’s office.