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Dump site worries residents

NATCHEZ — Complaints from residents prompted the Adams County Board of Supervisors to order at its Monday meeting that a Dumpster previously moved from the Garden City area be put back.

The Dumpster, County Road Manager Robbie Dollar said, was moved last week to the county barn on Liberty Road. Dollar said residents have complained that the Dumpster is out of the way.

Resident Wincey Cook said he and his neighbors’ biggest concern is illegal dumping, mainly, he said, by hunters from Louisiana.

Cook suggested the Dumpster be moved to the intersection of Liberty and Garden City roads.

“(The hunters) are already starting to dump in the national (forest),” he said. “They’re not going to drive all the way around to dump their garbage.”

The Dumpster was placed in front of the county barn to discourage dumping animal carcasses and other prohibited litter in Dumpsters, Board President Darryl Grennell said.

Cook said that was going to be a problem at any Dumpster. Grennell added that the Dumpster was going to need to be closely monitored.

If the Dumpster was to be moved back to the Garden City area, Supervisor Angela Hutchins said those residents would be charged a fee by Waste Management.

Cook said the residents do not mind the fee, they just want to ensure the dumping stops.

The Garden City residents, Grennell said, have been taking their garbage to the convenience station in Kingston, but with the closing of the Deerfield Road bridge, that has become an inconvenience.

The residents in the Garden City area do not have curbside trash pickup, Dollar said, because Waste Management trucks cannot navigate the steep hills in bad weather. Dollar also said some of the roads do not have turnarounds for the trucks.

Grennell pointed out that Preferred Transport, a previous trash collection contractor, used pickup trucks to pick up trash in rural areas that larger trucks could not go.

The board voted to move the Dumpster to the intersection of Liberty and Garden City roads and place proper signage prohibiting the dumping of animal carcasses and other illegal litter.

The board also agreed to see whether pickup trucks or some other kinds of vehicles could be used to pick up trash for the residents of Garden City.

In other news from the meeting:

• Mike Gemmell, who is heading up the planning efforts for Natchez’s tricentennial, updated the supervisors on plans for the celebration in 2016.

Gemmell told the supervisors that the planning committee, which consists of approximately 50 local residents, will not be asking the city or the county for any funds for the tricentennial.

All of the funding, Gemmell said, will come from private residents and corporations.

The committee and Mayor Butch Brown met Sept. 24 for a brainstorming meeting for the celebration. The meeting resulted in a consensus that the year-long celebration should revolve around major themes including agriculture and gardening, architecture and decorative arts, ethnic history, education, social history, arts and entertainment, foodways, sports, economic life, religion, military affairs and transportation.

• The supervisors welcomed Information Technology Director Lance Bishop at the meeting on his first day on the job.

The supervisors also passed a proclamation declaring Monday Edward Songy Day in appreciation of Songy’s instrumental role in helping the county find an IT director.

• The supervisors presented Frazier Elementary School students with certificates of appreciation after the students led the pledge of allegiance at the meeting.

The students are Jessica Taylor, Rayson Brown, Karleicio Glenn, Jada Granger, Xavian Lewis , Malachi White, Joshua Trask and Eric Smith.

• The board reconvened its meeting at 4:30 p.m. to meet in executive session for a strategy session regarding a lawsuit against the county.

The lawsuit, Board Attorney Scott Slover said, was filed approximately eight years ago by a group of Adams County Sheriff’s deputies alleging they were due overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act and were never paid.

The strategy session was in preparation for a mediation meeting between the two sides, Slover said.