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Pink pride overtakes fall colors

When the pink bandwagon rolled through, the Miss-Lou was ready and willing to jump on board.

But this time, following the trend and being part of the cool gang is a good thing, a positive for which we can all be proud.

Even before October — Breast Cancer Awareness Month — started, support was flowing in Natchez.

The Cathedral Green Wave changed their primary color to pink for a game, drawing attention and raising funds for cancer research.

This month, the Adams County Board of Supervisors, Vidalia Police Department, most other high school sports teams and other public and private groups have joined in sporting pink shirts, bows, armbands and more.

Everywhere you look, there’s someone sporting pink.

It’s awesome to see our community care and our groups willing to raise money for a good cause.

But 11 months remain in the year and countless causes in need of a color and a rallying cry.

Let’s spread the love to other ills that we all face — drug abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, other diseases, etc.

The T-shirt printers won’t mind, we are sure.

Community activism and awareness is the first step to strengthening the ties that bind us all and teaching our young people to care about more than their own wants and needs.

It hurts no one and benefits many, so jump on the bandwagon — the pink one or the next one — and let’s keep making a difference together.