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Habitat selects family for home No. 17

Natchez-Adams County Habitat for Humanity, a United Way agency, is proud to announce the selection of the newest homeowner family, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Watson.

The couple has three children, and Mrs. Watson is expecting another child in November. Mrs. Watson works at Duncan Park golf course.

This home will be located at 1018 Martin Luther King St., just before the intersection of Smith Street, where eight other Habitat homes have been built. Habitat will be designing a special work program for Mrs. Watson, since all homeowners must work 250 hours of “sweat equity” on the home.

Habitat had the lot surveyed, courtesy of Jordan, Kaiser & Sessions engineers, and the lot cleared of trees and dirt brought in to level the area.

Volunteers are already working on the foundation, and completion of the home is expected in May or June.

Habitat homes are built with volunteer labor, and several groups have expressed an interest in coming to help.

These are Alcorn School of Nursing, Alcorn ABEC group, Cathedral School Key Club and St. Mary Basilica.

In addition, several individuals are ready to come once the foundation is completed. If you have a group interested in working on the next home, please call 601-445-8639. Individuals are welcome also. No special skills or tools are needed.

As many of you know, Habitat for Humanity is a Christian ministry engaged in the construction of decent, affordable housing for lower income families.

More than 500,000 houses, housing 2.5 million residents, have been built worldwide.

Here in Natchez, this is the 17th house built by Habitat since 1991.

You can make a financial donation through United Way by designating Habitat on your pledge card, or you may send it directly to Habitat for Humanity, PO Box 100, Natchez, MS. 39121.


Duncan McFarlane is the secretary/treasurer of the Natchez-Adams County Habitat for Humanity.