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Changes could make day smoother

Judging from the lines, the frenzied looks on the faces of poll workers and the number of phone calls pouring into the local election offices, turnout in the Miss-Lou for Tuesday’s big election was good.

But with that good came a bit of chaos, at least in Adams County.

For voters living in the city limits, knowing where to vote can be a bit confusing. During City of Natchez elections, just a few months ago, many voters voted at one precinct that isn’t their assigned precinct in federal elections.

For the voter, remembering when to go where can be tough. And providing a quick answer to those asking the question can be equally difficult, since complex maps determine who votes where.

The result Tuesday was that many voters showed up at the wrong place, got frustrated, tied up poll workers and had to call the election commissioners office for assistance. Phones at the election office were ringing off the hook, and some callers simply got a busy signal.

Maybe before the next election cycle begins, local election crews can find a way to simplify this, perhaps keeping all voters at the same location for all races.

Until then, though, we are glad this election is behind us.

The campaigning, negative advertising, disputes and opinions were becoming overwhelming.

So even if you picked sides Tuesday, today we all wake up as Americans.

Regardless of who leads us next, let’s remember that fact, bury the hatchet and work together to make our country better.