Obama wins re-election

Published 1:40am Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CHICAGO (AP) — President Obama says the American people have “picked ourselves up” and fought back during tough economic times, declaring after winning re-election that the “best is yet to come.”

MCT photo — President Obama and the first family enter the stage Tuesday in Chicago after the election results. Supporters of the president, at right, cheer after he is projected to win re-election during an election-night viewing party at McCormick Place in Chicago on Tuesday.

Obama says he wants to meet with Republican rival Mitt Romney to discuss how they can work together. He says they may have “battled fiercely, but it’s only because we love this country deeply.”

Obama was welcomed by thunderous applause as he arrived on stage in his hometown, joined by first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia.

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Obama rolled to re-election Tuesday night, vanquishing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney despite a weak economy that plagued his first term and put a crimp in the middle class dreams of millions.

Romney said earlier he called Obama to congratulate him on his victory, adding that he prays “the president will be successful in guiding our nation.”

In victory, Obama spoke to thousands of cheering supporters, praising Romney and promising that better days are ahead. “While our road has been hard, though our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up. We have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America, the best is yet to come,” he said.

Romney spoke to disappointed supporters in Boston. In a graceful concession, he summoned all Americans to pray for Obama and urged the night’s political winners to put partisan bickering aside and “reach across the aisle” to tackle the nation’s problems.

After the costliest — and arguably the nastiest — campaign in history, divided government seemed alive and well.

Democrats retained control of the Senate with surprising ease. Republicans did the same in the House, ensuring that Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, Obama’s partner in unsuccessful deficit talks, would reclaim his seat at the bargaining table.

At Obama headquarters in Chicago, a huge crowd gathered waving small American flags and cheering. Supporters hugged each other, danced and pumped their fists in the air. Excited crowds also gathered in New York’s Times Square, at Faneuil Hall in Boston and near the White House in Washington, drivers joyfully honking as they passed by.

With returns from 79 percent of the nation’s precincts, Obama had 52.2 million, 49.5 percent. Romney had 51.7 million, 49 percent.

And the president’s laserlike focus on the battleground states allowed him to run up a 303-203 margin in the competition for electoral votes, where the White House is won or lost. It took 270 to win.

The election emerged as a choice between two very different visions of government — whether it occupies a major, front-row place in American lives or is in the background as a less-obtrusive facilitator for private enterprise and entrepreneurship.

The economy was rated the top issue by about 60 percent of voters surveyed as they left their polling places. But more said former President George W. Bush bore responsibility for current circumstances than Obama did after nearly four years in office.

That boded well for the president, who had worked to turn the election into a choice between his proposals and Romney’s, rather than a simple referendum on the economy during his time in the White House.

Unemployment stood at 7.9 percent on Election Day, higher than when he took office. And despite signs of progress, the economy is still struggling after the worst recession in history.

Obama captured Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia, New Hampshire, Colorado and Nevada, seven of the nine states where the rivals and their allies poured nearly $1 billion into dueling television commercials.

Romney won North Carolina among the battleground states. Florida was too close to call, Obama leading narrowly in a state where there were still long lines of voters at some polling places long after the appointed closing time.

Romney, who grew wealthy in business and ran the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City before entering politics, spoke only briefly to supporters, some of whom wept.

“I so wish that I had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction,” he said. “But the nation chose another leader and so Ann and I join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation.”

There was no doubt about what drove voters to one candidate or the other.

About 4 in 10 said the economy is on the mend, but more than that said it was stagnant or getting worse more than four years after the near-collapse of 2008. The survey was conducted for The Associated Press and a group of television networks.

In the battle for the Senate, Elizabeth Warren turned Republican Scott Brown out of office in Massachusetts, and Rep. Joe Donnelly captured a seat from GOP hands in Indiana.

Deb Fischer picked up a seat for Republicans in Nebraska, defeating former Sen. Bob Kerrey.

In Maine, independent former Gov. Angus King was elected to succeed retiring GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe. He has not yet said which party he will side with, but Republicans attacked him in television advertising during the race, and Democrats rushed to his cause.

In the presidential race, Obama won in the reliably Democratic Northeast and West Coast. Pennsylvania was his, too, despite two late campaign stops by Romney.

Romney won most of the South as well as much of the Rocky Mountain West and Farm Belt.

The president was in Chicago as he awaited the voters’ verdict on his four years in office. He told reporters he had a concession speech as well as victory remarks prepared. He congratulated Romney on a spirited campaign. “I know his supporters are just as engaged, just as enthusiastic and working just as hard today” as Obama’s own, he added.

Romney reciprocated, congratulating the man who he had campaigned against for more than a year.

Earlier, he raced to Ohio and Pennsylvania for Election Day campaigning and projected confidence as he flew home to Massachusetts. “We fought to the very end, and I think that’s why we’ll be successful,” he said, adding that he had finished writing a speech anticipating victory but nothing if the election went to his rival.

But the mood soured among the Republican high command as the votes came in and Obama ground out a lead in critical states.

Like Obama, Vice President Joe Biden was in Chicago as he waited to find out if he was in line for a second term. Republican running mate Paul Ryan was with Romney in Boston, although he kept one eye on his re-election campaign for a House seat in Wisconsin, just in case. He won re-election to Congress.

The long campaign’s cost soared into the billions, much of it spent on negative ads, some harshly so.

In a months-long general election ad war that cost nearly $1 billion, Romney and Republican groups spent more than $550 million and Obama and his allies $381 million, according to organizations that track advertising.

According to the exit poll, 53 percent of voters said Obama was more in touch with people like them, compared to 43 percent for Romney.

About 60 percent said taxes should be increased, taking sides on an issue that divided the president and Romney. Obama wants to let taxes rise on upper incomes, while Romney does not.

Other than the battlegrounds, big states were virtually ignored in the final months of the campaign. Romney wrote off New York, Illinois and California, while Obama made no attempt to carry Texas, much of the South or the Rocky Mountain region other than Colorado.

There were 33 Senate seats on the ballot, 23 of them defended by Democrats and the rest by Republicans.

Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy, a Democrat, won a Connecticut seat long held by Sen. Joe Lieberman, retiring after a career that included a vice presidential spot on Al Gore’s ticket in 2000. It was Republican Linda McMahon’s second defeat in two tries, at a personal cost of $92 million.

The GOP needed a gain of three for a majority if Romney won, and four if Obama was re-elected. Neither Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada nor GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was on the ballot, but each had high stakes in the outcome.

All 435 House seats were on the ballot, including five where one lawmaker ran against another as a result of once-a-decade redistricting to take population shifts into account. Democrats needed to pick up 25 seats to gain the majority they lost two years ago.

House Speaker Boehner, R-Ohio, raised millions to finance get-out-the-vote operations in states without a robust presidential campaign, New York, Illinois and California among them. His goal was to minimize any losses, or possibly even gain ground, no matter Romney’s fate. House Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California campaigned aggressively, as well, and faced an uncertain political future after her party failed to win control.

In gubernatorial races, Republicans picked up North Carolina, where Pat McCrory won easily. The incumbent, Democratic Gov. Bev Purdue, did not seek re-election.

In a campaign that traversed contested Republican primaries last winter and spring, a pair of political conventions this summer and three presidential debates, Obama, Romney, Biden and Ryan spoke at hundreds of rallies, were serenaded by Bruce Springstein and Meat Loaf and washed down hamburgers, pizza, barbecue and burrito bowls.

Obama was elected the first black president in 2008, and four years later, Romney became the first Mormon to appear on a general election ballot. Yet one man’s race and the other’s religion were never major factors in this year’s campaign for the White House, a race dominated from the outset by the economy.

Over and over, Obama said that during his term the nation had begun to recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression. While he conceded progress had been slow, he accused Romney of offering recycled Republican policies that have helped the wealthy and harmed the middle class in the past and would do so again.

Romney countered that a second Obama term could mean a repeat recession in a country where economic growth has been weak and unemployment is worse now than when the president was inaugurated. A wealthy former businessman, he claimed the knowledge and the skills to put in place policies that would make the economy healthy again.

In a race where the two men disagreed often, one of the principal fault lines was over taxes. Obama campaigned for the renewal of income tax cuts set to expire on Dec. 31 at all income levels except above $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for couples.

Romney said no one’s taxes should go up in uncertain economic times. In addition, he proposed a 20 percent cut across the board in income tax rates but said he would end or curtail a variety of tax breaks to make sure federal deficits didn’t rise.

The differences over taxes, the economy, Medicare, abortion and more were expressed in intensely negative advertising.

Obama launched first, shortly after Romney dispatched his Republican foes in his quest for the party nomination.

One memorable commercial showed Romney singing an off-key rendition of “America The Beautiful.” Pictures and signs scrolled by saying that his companies had shipped jobs to Mexico and China, that Massachusetts state jobs had gone to India while he was governor and that he has personal investments in Switzerland, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

Romney spent less on advertising than Obama. A collection of outside groups made up the difference, some of them operating under rules that allowed donors to remain anonymous. Most of the ads were of the attack variety. But the Republican National Committee relied on one that had a far softer touch, and seemed aimed at voters who had been drawn to the excitement caused by Obama’s first campaign. It referred to a growing national debt and unemployment, then said, “He tried. You tried. It’s OK to make a change.”

More than 30 million voters cast early ballots in nearly three dozen states, a reflection of the growing appeal of getting a jump on the traditional Election Day.


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    @ 10:28PM, CST, Obama 274 to Romney’s 201 electoral votes.

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    270 are needed from the electoral college for the win. As of 10:28PM, CST, Obama has 274, Romney has 201. Repost.

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    It’s not like the women told the men what they think about men trying to control them. When women vote Democrats win. And Women Democrats Win!

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    Wow, an electoral college blowout! Obama 303 Romney 203. The popular vote was very close, just as I figured, but Obama lead in that too! What a beautiful family and welcome again President Barack H. Obama! GOBAMA!!!!!

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    Soooooo sad. Good Grief. America as we know it is doomed. You people that voted for this Muslim idiot will live to regret it.

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    It’s a disgrace when your own state don’t favor or vote for you mitt was a mistake from the beginning!

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    Sweetie bush put you in the poor house, not Obama but some refuse to face the truth, so get over it!

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    America was doomed from the bushes, so face it! and remember to SMILE!

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    Don’t forget, Ryan didn’t carry his own state nor hometown when the votes were broken down. Those folk voted for the Obama/Biden ticket!!!! When your own state won’t carry you, that speaks volumes. Haven’t heard that much today, have you?

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    LMBO!!!! Hilarious!!!!

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    He is the president. He should be treated with respect. I served 4 years in the Marine Corps so folks like you can burn the flag and malign the POTUS. Even McCain in 2008 grabbed the mic from a woman and said Obama was not a Muslim and that he was a fine, decent man. I served under Richard Nixon who was kicked out of office but I always respected him and the office. We live in the greatest country in the world. The president is a figurehead whose power is limited. The real power is congress. Whomever is POTUS does not matter a whit. Sen. McConnell refused to work with the democrats. He said, “Our main objective is to make the president a one term president.” With that attitude and reps like Ryan, Cantor, and Issa, the president can do nothing. I would have given my life under Nixon just like today’s Marines lay their life on the line everyday under Obama. If the republicans are ever to do anything again they must lose the neo nazi, tea bagger, right wing fringe vote. People like you are the ones who cost Romney the election. You and your kind will have to retreat, regroup, and rethink your idealogies and get them in line with today’s world and Christianity. May you and people like you read and learn some things before the next election.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! What an intelligent post and to you, in your defense of this country, best regards! My brother is currently serving in the armed forces, the USAF where he has gained rank and you best believe, he doesn’t fight for certain Americans, but ALL Americans!

  • Iris Johnson

    President OBAMA for 4 more years (re-elected … just as I predicted 4 years ago)!!!!! YAAAYYY!!! What a beautiful and glorious day … we can now move forward and continue the task of cleaning up the mess George Bush made!

  • Forward2012

    You need to be more respectful toward YOUR PRESIDENT little girl!

  • Forward2012

    Show class in the face of defeat, Probably the reason you lost.

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    I am so ashamed of the people of this country. So ashamed. I cannot understand how Obama got reelected. He has done more to destroy this great country than any terrorist possibly could. He is a rank amateur that has a huge ego ; an ego that tells him that he is the great one. Well, he isn’t. As far as I am concerned, he is as close to the anti-Christ as you can be.
    I am so ashamed of this country. And if you are one of the ones that blindly followed Obama and voted for him, I am embaressed of you. You are causing the destruction of this country. Here it is- 50%, repeat, 50% of Americans now don’t want to work but instead want the government to provide for them. My God, what a disgrace. How embaressing it must be.
    I am so ashamed of this country. Romney was our best chance to get out of the financial mess that the above=mentioned 50% has gotten us into.
    If you are one of the 50%, shame on you. You are breaking this country. But, you don’t care. As long as you get free food, free housing, free cellphones, and on and on. You will NEVER be a productive member of a society. You are a parasite.
    He may be your president, but he is not mine. He is evil, and so is his administration.
    Shame on this country. We are lost.

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    Man, there are a lot of exhubilent women on here. Big, loud, bossy women, I bet. Liberal nutcases.

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    ladybuggs, your type never gives up. If you could blame the Bushes for slavery, you would. And so would all of your weak, opinionated mindset. Sad, sad, sad.

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    Poor iris. So sad that you are a Bush hater, too. Give it up. NOW, Obammy can only point to HIS predecessor for his problems, which will be himself.

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    You are too sick he may not be your president in your nmind but if you continue to live in this country he is your President so do us all a favor and get over it he is there for four more years

  • KatieVictoria

    Obama put us in how much trillion debt??? And you blame bush?

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  • KatieVictoria

    How can we move forward when all his has done was put us back! I havnt seen no cleaning up, just more trillions in debt! I wonder how much more trillions he will put on us

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    Why would I blame the bushes for slavery? you’re stupid! you just refuse to face the facts!

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    I don’t think so because i don’t know if your mom is commenting!

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    If President Obama was white there would not be any negative comments, but since he’s mixed mostly black you guys can’t handle that! but guess what?you have 4 yrs to hate him because of the color of his skin, such a shame of some people!

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    I agree with jackwabbit! I didn’t vote for Mr. Obama, but he is our president, so respect him as our commander in chief. Democracy allows us all to vote as we please, but the election is over. Everybody start pullin the same direction to make this country even greater! God bless America!

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    OOooooo , ladybuggs, dat one was so good! What are you, like…8 or 9? Do your parents know that you are using the computer? LMAO !

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    He has shown me sides of an evil man that has become president that deserves NO respect. NONE. He will never have my respect, just like Bill Clinton. He is an instigator, a liar, a deceiver, an egotist, acting like an arrogant king that imposes his will, and damn the Constitution. Tell me- and I doubt you can- just WHAT am I to respect of the man?

  • Anonymous

    You are so full of your racist rhetoric, bugg. I would dislike the man if he were WHITE. Which, by the way, I thought just about the same way about Bill Clinton. Does that make me a racist of my own race? Or does it make me one who seeks out the truth, evaluates the candidates and their qualifications, and observes their countenance. Clinton and Obama are cut from the same yard of cloth, but I think Obama is more dangerous because he is stupid.

  • Anonymous

    This was simply a popularity contest and the most popular candidate won , not the better man for the job . And I’m no supporter of either party , they both blow ! My guy was ousted much earlier . Too bad , some day an independent will get in .

  • Edward C

    Please explain how America is doomed from the “bushes”. Obama has had four years to do something and things have only gotten worse. Unemployment is higher, the national debt has exploded, consumer confidence is down, etc. We now have “Obamacare”, which at its most basic pretext is a noble idea, but there is no way to pay for it. It will cost more money than the present system with a lower level of care. If you think social healthcare works, you should talk to people from Europe. They will be quick to tell you about the outrageous cost for minimal care. Obama said after he won his first term that if he couldn’t turn things around he would not even run again and ask people to support him. Apparently he is a hypocrite just like the rest of the politicians. If he had done half of what he promised, I would have probably voted for him. Of course (and I dont know you so I am not directing this at you personnally), if you don’t work and don’t pay taxes then none of this affects you. For that group of people it has only gotten better. But at some point there are not enough people working to support the multitudes of those who would rather sit around and get a free ride. Then the whole system will crash and changes will be made that will be much more devastating to those who depend on social programs than those who work and provide for themselves. I have not made any wild partisan claims here, just stated facts and I don’t claim that “the other side” has a better plan. But the last four years have not been an improvement and you can’t blame that on the “bushes”.

  • Anonymous

    Respect has to be earned and in my opinion, Obama has done NOTHING to earn my respect.

  • Anonymous

    bush did not make this mess alone this is all the previous ones who helped make it so lay the blame where it goes. So you get over it.

  • Anonymous

    You seriously think he is gonna do something for the blacks? his sympathies seem to lay with Muslims and Immigrants…. so when they are working your job let’s see if you still LMBO…

  • Anonymous

    UP YOURS… I have no respect for that idiot and I don’t give a damn who knows it…. this country has damn near shut down several times since he has been in office more so than any other president…. YEAH respect? NOT! that is earned not given!

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    I’m with you how in hell can the republicans carry all those states and this clown get re elected? Florida has not even finished counting votes… although thanks to the NAACP they were allowed to bus in people to vote… There is just way too much sneaky crap going on with all these elections…. machines that have glitches, some were voting for Romney and Obama got the vote… people that are not even legal citizens get to vote which I find to be disturbing, then we have those who can do underhanded things like busing people in from other places to vote…. They should all be arrested for that… They need to go back to the old way this crap now is just too un reliable and raises too many questions.

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    I am with you burnleyc…. respect is earned not given… most people voted for him based on skin color rather than performance… most just pick one issue out of the multitude and vote based on that one issue rather than looking at the whole picture… I can’t stand him have no use for him and will not respect him…. and that’s my AMERICAN right!

  • Anonymous

    It has nothing to do with his race if he were white I would still be against him… he is not a good leader… he takes away from us to give to foreigners and a whole list of other crap…. would you have voted for Romney had Obama not been running? I seriously doubt it!

  • Anonymous

    On his first full day, he froze White House salaries. Within his first week, he signed an Executive Order ordering an audit of government contracts, and combating waste and abuse. He passed Health Care Reform. He appointed the first Federal Chief Information Officer to oversee federal IT spending. He committed to phasing out unnecessary and outdated weapons systems. To that end, he also signed the Democratic-sponsored Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act, which attempted to put a stop to waste, fraud and abuse in the defense procurement and contracting system. Pushed through and signed the Democratic-sponsored American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, otherwise known as “the stimulus package”, which was started under the Bush administration. The bill passed, even though only three Republicans voted for it. In a major departure from the previous administration, he launched recovery.gov, a website that allows taxpayers to track spending from the Act. He signed the Democratic-sponsored Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act giving the federal government more tools to investigate and prosecute fraud in every corner of the financial system, and create a bipartisan Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission to investigate the financial fraud that led to the economic meltdown. He created business.gov, which allows for online collaboration between small businesses and experts regarding managing a business. (The program has since merged with SBA.gov.) Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, he saved at least 300,000 education jobs, such as teachers, principals, librarians, and counselors that would have otherwise been lost. Along with Congressional Democrats, he provided funding to states and the Department of Homeland Security to save thousands of police and firefighter jobs from being cut during the recession. He also passed Wall Street reform, ended the war in Iraq, turned around the U.S. auto industry, eliminated Osama bin laden, toppled Moammar Gaddafi, forced Mubarak out, kicked banks out of the federal Student Loan Program, expanded Pell Grant spending, increased support for Veterans, tightened sanctions on Iran, passed Credit Card reforms, achieved a new START Treaty, brokered an agreement for speedy compensation to victims of Gulf Oil Spill at the expense of BP, expanded Stem Cell Research, passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, expanded funding for the Violence Against Women Act, implemented much of Dream Act via Executive Order, and ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Furthermore, this isn’t even half of the programs and actions benefitting our great nation that Obama has successfully implemented, despite an obstructionist majority in the House, that would rather see him fail than America succeed.

    I’d say, and the majority of Americans agree, he’s done quite a bit to earn our respect.

  • Edward C

    Forced Mubarak out, really??? Last time I checked the Egyptian people did that. Toppled Gaddafi, are you serious? The “stimulus package” was a bad idea under Bush, why continue it at the expense of the taxpayer? And most of the other things you mentioned in the first part of your post increased the size of government and increased spending at an alarming rate at the expense of those of us who pay taxes. You can’t have an economy based on free market and capitalism that gets bailed out by the government everytime they make a bad bet. And I wont even start on the failed businesses and pet projects that have taken billions of taxpayer money. He hasn’t earned anyones respect, he has bought it with promises of bailouts and increased social programs.

  • Anonymous

    The reason Egypt wasn’t like Syria was because Obama forced him to step down. Mubarak was told by Obama through Clinton that his days were numbered and that the US, regardless of their relationship with Israel, expected an “orderly transition” to democracy and that the US could no longer support him. Obama, through NATO, kept Gaddafi’s planes on the ground, blockaded his ports and shut down the roads into Libya, thus hastening his demise. BTW, Romney accused Obama of doing too much in Libya, and then complained that he wasn’t doing enough in Syria. Don’t believe me, look it up. The Stimulus package, every economist of note agrees, kept us out of a Depression. Moreover, your statement that “most of the things you mentioned”, etc.is just an increased size of government simply isn’t true. Look at the programs; BP set aside $20M for recovery out of their pocket. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was based on fundimental fairness. Eliminating “Don’t Ask” saved millions of dollars. Ending the war in Iraq, saving the auto industry, the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act, credit card reforms, kicking the banks out of the Student Loan Progrm saved billions, if not trillions not just for government, but for our citizens. Pell Grants and Stem Cell research, based on science, not superstition, are an investment in our future. Veterans SHOULD be cared for and their sacrifices acknowledged and rewarded. Look, you may not like the President as a man, quite frankly, he’s disappointed me by not being bold enough, but to disregard the things that he has accomplished that make America and the world a fairer and better place, is intellectually dishonest.

  • Edward C

    I am glad to see we can debate this intelligently. Standing to the side and doing nothing one way or the other does not qualify as “forcing” someone out. In Libya, it was only after waiting on the sidelines and almost being shamed into it did the US commit to helping. Again, it is not the same when you have to be shamed into doing something. Saving the auto industry was a taxpayer sponsered bailout, plain and simple. Would doing nothing have been painful – yes. Would the automakers have come out of bankruptcy and been more efficient and leaner – yes. And without spending taxpayer money. The government was almost forced to bail out the banks. The reason they were in trouble were because of risky and questionable lending practices which allowed people to borrow more money than they should have. It started with the two goverment backed housing lenders who were following instructions from the Democrats who chaired the committees. The other banks followed suit (wrongly) to make sure they got in on the action too. I didn’t say all of the things you mentioned in your original post were bad. What about the Healthcare Act? As I mentioned in another post, the basic premise is a good one. The problem is socialized healthcare does not work. In the end it will cost more for a lower level of care. This is not my opinion, it has been proven across Europe. You dont have to believe me, just talk to the people that live there (as I have) and they will gladly tell you. What we will end up with is a more expensive two tiered system where the ones that have government sponsered insurance will get a lower level of services and those who can afford it will have private insurance and a better level of care. I agree that the old system wasn’t ideal, but what we have now is going to be worse. It comes down to money in versus money out. When we get to the point that there are more people depending on social handouts that there are people working to pay for them, then the whole economy, along with the government, will crash.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Mr. President..Who would have thought the Confedercy would still be fighting the Civil War in 2012.The only thing the Union didn’t take away from them was their White Skin. They still want their Country back. All my life I voted for a White man to lead America without question. But they where just Men. Whenever I was against their ideas. I could just pull out a dollar bill to read what iis written on paper..IN GOD WE TRUST.

  • Anonymous

    May I say with all due respect to you, Kiss my nether region. I served in the armed services, Navy Chief upon retirement, and I say he is a Muslim, he was born to a Muslim and was raised as a Muslim. He is going to ruin this country and when he does, I hope you will remember your words——if you are still alive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bob.Buie.Sr Bob Buie Sr


    You are just brilliant! Your knowledge is just unbelievable!
    Hopefully, your friend Deuce will be able to raise you to “genius” level.
    My best to the two of you….
    Bob Buie Sr

  • https://plus.google.com/101785462960818953428/posts Wilson Phillips

    I sat here and read through these hate filled comments and I fear that your souls are lost. So much racial hostility. How can you hate someone for the color of their skin? You should be ashamed of yourselves. When judgment day comes, do you really think that Christ will find your names in the Book Of Life, or will he look up from the book and say, I don’t know you?

  • “THEMAN”

    CRY ME A RIVER!!!!!

  • IKnoU

    Obama’s back in the White House!!! Yay! Now the 36% of white people on food stamps can continue to get their government assistance!

  • IKnoU

    Like in the movie “A Time to Kill”, Just close your eyes and imagine.. Just imagine that he was white!

  • Anonymous

    well said!!!