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County, city split on trash contract

NATCHEZ — Previously discussed consolidation between the City of Natchez and Adams County for waste collection may not happen.

City Attorney Hyde Carby said that after crunching the numbers, the city discovered that a consolidated contract would save the county money but cost the city more.

“I’m not sure that we can find a realistic way to make it happen so that it would save both the city and the county money,” Carby said.

The aldermen discussed waste collection and disposal contracts at a meeting Friday that was held without public notice.

City Attorney Hyde Carby said he thought public notice of the meeting had been given, but added that the mayor’s staff forgot to issue the notice.

Carby said the aldermen reviewed the proposals from four different companies for waste collection and disposal services during the “work session.”

The city and the county solicited bids for collection services together in an effort to save money on the contract cost.

The bids, which were given at a rate of per house per month, were for twice weekly trash pickup. The bids included prices for county-only pickup, city-only pickup and combined pickup.

The submitted proposals, which were dozens of pages long, also included a recycling pickup option.

Red River Service Corporation, RES, Waste Pro USA and Waste Management submitted bids.

Carby said the city should reach a decision on the waste collection and disposal by the aldermen’s Nov. 27 meeting.